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Quick-Step Livyn Balance

Quick-Step Livyn Balance range has set new standards in appearance and convenience in luxury vinyl flooring. Floors in this range resemble real wood to its tiniest detail. They are soft and warm to walk on, and come with several built-in features that make the floors highly practical for daily use. Floors are covered by an impressive warranty of 20 years.

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Quick-Step Livyn Balance Details

The Quick-Step Livyn Balance range is an affordable asset for your home. With its fantastic durability, impressive strength and low-maintenance, you discover wonderful returns on your investment.

Discounts at Lifestyle Flooring make these floors even more affordable and attractive. Lifestyle Flooring can make the price better if any other dealer offers any floor in this range at a price lower than our offer.

These floors use proprietary Uniclic Multifit technology, which ensures utterly easy installation. If you are using a professional installer charging by the hour, easy installation translates into great savings.

In stunning surface textures and irresistible colours, these floors bring a luxurious and energetic vibe to your interior décor and home.

The extra matt finish on the surface enhances the authenticity of the floors. Their resemblance to natural wood in feel, looks and richness, is incredibly brilliant.

This vinyl range is 100% waterproof, and uses an advanced Scratch Guard and Stain Guard technology. Most common stains, including stubborn stains such as paint and marker ink, cannot leave a mark.

This means, you need not spend your life cleaning and removing dirt, spills and stains, or worrying about damage by daily tasks. You'll have a floor that will look great for many years with a little upkeep.

Total water resistance means these floors can be used for bathrooms and kitchens with complete peace of mind.

With its easy installation, Quick-Step Livyn Balance floors save you stress and time. With the Uniclic system, installing a floor is as easy as clicking tongue-and-groove planks into place. Discover the full benefits of Quick-Step Livyn Balance with Lifestyle Flooring.