Karndean LooseLay

Karndean LooseLay

Karndean is a household name in the UK known for its superior quality flooring. With Karndean LooseLay the ace luxury flooring maker has outdone itself again. LooseLay introduces premium vinyl floors that look stunning, are practical and totally affordable. With even intricate design details clearly depicted, these floors are the perfect example of superior reproduction of natural wood and stone.

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Karndean LooseLay Details

Super-quick and innovative installation is what makes Karndean LooseLay different from other luxury floors. The floors feature friction grip backing, an installation method that needs no glue, adhesive or nails. All you need is a dry and clean subfloor!

How is this possible?

Each Karndean LooseLay floor features a backing made of friction-friendly materials. Each plank or tile sticks to the subfloor on the power of this friction. The LooseLay tiles and planks are highly stable – they do not contract or expand on exposure to moisture. This ensures a perfect fit and finish without any gaps.

Karndean LooseLay floors featuring wood effects measure 1050 x 250mm while stone effect floors measure 610 x 500mm size. All floors are 4.5mm thick.

The floors feature a 0.55mm wear layer, which means they can withstand heavy foot traffic and rough use. The extra thick wear layer assures of high durability. What's more, the LooseLay floors feature a lifetime warranty.

Apart from their classy looks, LooseLay floors are also highly practical. They are soft and warm underfoot, which means standing for long periods of time is not going to be a chore. These floors are highly hardwearing, meaning they can take in everyday wear and tear well. So, you'll not find them cracking or warping from exposure to moisture or from daily use.

The Karndean LooseLay floors are silent floors that do not creak or make other irritating sounds when you walk. They are low on maintenance and can be used in any room. Each plank or tile is also individually replaceable, which makes the floor a great asset for commercial spaces. The floors are 100% recyclable.

Karndean LooseLay are ultimate in looks, luxury and comfort. They are wonderfully affordable too. If you are looking for floors with rich wood and stone effects, but without the practical difficulties of solid wood, then Karndean LooseLay vinyl floors are the best choice.

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