Karndean Knight Tile

Karndean Knight Tile

Karndean Knight Tile comes from the UK's specialist in luxury vinyl flooring, Karndean Design flooring. The flooring manufacturer is well-known globally for its exceptionally designed floors that look and feel like real wood and stone. The Knight Tile range stands to the impeccable reputation that Karndean has built over the years.

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Karndean Knight Tile Details

Karndean Knight Tile is perfect for commercial spaces that see light foot traffic and homes with a bigger family. These floors come with a 12mil wear layer, which means they can handle heavy foot traffic and rough use at homes with multiple family members including pets and children.

The super thick wear layer ensures that the Karndean Knight Tile floors last long and keep looking good for years on end. In fact, these floors come with a lifetime warranty.

Maintaining the Karndean Knight Tile floors is easy. They are resistant to water and moisture, which means they are not easily damaged from exposure to spills, stains or other liquids. This makes the cleaning process a breeze. Gentle cleaning with a soft broom removes dry dirt and dust. Regular mopping using a damp cloth gets rid of stubborn dirt.

The Knight Tile floors feature multiple layers. This design imparts toughness and strength to the floors. What's more, these floors are ultra comfortable; you can stand on these floors for hours on end without feeling any pain.

These floors also feel warmer to the touch as a result of the multi-layer design.

There are many more impressive benefits of installing the Knight Tile floors. These floors are highly resistant to scratches, cracks and daily wear and tear. They are compatible with underfloor heating systems and offer impressive slip resistance.

Being fade-resistant, these floors do not demand expensive treatments such as sanding thereby bringing cost benefits to you.

Karndean Knight Tile floors are available in a range of colours, shades, and patterns. You can find them all right here at Lifestyle Flooring. We assure you of the lowest prices. Explore the Karndean Knight Tile collection right away.