Karndean K-Trade

Karndean K-Trade

When you love luxury vinyl tile (LVT) floors, look no further than the Karndean K-Trade range. Brought to you by Kardean, one of the global leaders in LVT, the floors ooze style and sophistication in every inch. These floors are are an excellent choice when you want to create a look of opulence in your home within your budget.

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Karndean K-Trade Details

Available in both wood and stone effects, these floors flaunt exceptional similarity to the natural material they resemble. The wood effect tiles perfectly mirror the beautiful patterns and grains of natural oak timber in myriad shades and texture.

The stone effect tiles look just like natural minerals like carbon, pebble, sand or chalk.

The shades range from exotic charcoal or carbon to grayish sand or pebble to dark chocolate and sherry to the light and delicious blossom and honey.

These floors feature square edges with no bevels to give your exquisite floors a seamless, expansive look. The sturdy and durable floors are resistant to scratches, stains and abrasions making them perfect for long-term use.

These LVT floors are also resistant to moisture and humidity. They are perfect for installation in any space, including kitchens and bathrooms. In case of accidental splashes or spillage, immediately mop the floor to keep them stain-free.

The floors are also compatible with underfloor heating systems and very soft and comfortable underfoot. You can install them with complete confidence in any residential or commercial space.

The tiles in the Karndean K-Trade LVT floors are joined through a simple click mechanism and installed through the glue down method for added stability and strength.

Maintaining these gorgeous floors is very easy. Regular dusting and occasional mopping will help retain their glamorous looks. You can enjoy these splendid, hassle-free floors for decades with complete peace of mind.