Amtico Spacia Xtra

Amtico Spacia Xtra

Amtico Spacia Xtra is simply elegance personified. Convert your dreary dining room into a smashing dining space with our sophisticated flooring designs.

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Amtico Spacia Details

Amtico Spacia is simply elegance personified. In the Amtico Spacia collection, there are 96 designs across the Wood, Stones and Abstract products. Amtico Spacia is meant for the ultra modern homes of today. There is a beautiful blend of the modern and the rustic in the textures, enhancing the look and feel of your home.

Amtico Spacia is here to transform your home like never before. The Amtico Spacia collection includes:

  • Amtico Spacia Wood
  • Amtico Spacia Stones
  • Amtico Spacia Abstract
  • Amtico Spacia Xtra
    • Amtico Spacia Wood possesses intense character and depth. Available in contrasting colours and subtle hues the Spacia Wood design is nature inspired and gets as close as it can get to beautiful nature. Its realism and organic feel stands out and is the hallmark of the range

      Amtico Spacia Stones is inspired from natural stones and exude a cool, neutral or a warm charisma. This range suits both traditional and contemporary spaces. Choose from a range of 31 designs all portraying style with simplicity.

      Amtico Spacia Abstract is another eye catching range infused with contemporary finishes. Metal, stone and textile elements blend together to render a unique effect on the flooring. Contrasting colours and mellow tones are available in the range.

      Amtico Spacia Xtra features larger planks in abstract designs and adds a natural finish to the flooring space. The inherent beauty and natural appearance make the Amtico Spacia Xtra range a trendy choice.

      Lifestyle Flooring takes pride in adding spice to your living spaces. Browse through the entire Amtico Spacia range at our online store and take your pick.