Amtico Signature

Amtico Signature

Amtico Signature is the flagship range of Amtico, the world leader in luxury vinyl flooring. Signature is an extensive range featuring 163 stunning flooring creations. There are splendid wood effect floors, realistic stone effect designs, and ingenious abstract floors for you to discover, explore and choose.

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Amtico Signature Details

Wood effect floors in the Amtico Signature range are incredible in their detailing and their resemblance to natural wood. If a rich wood effect is what you're after, these floors will make your dream come true. They will bring the ageless appeal, charm and character of solid wood to your interiors!

Stone floors in the Signature collection are extraordinary in design. From subtle and medium to dark and deep, there is a wide selection of shades to match your interior décor and achieve the desired effect.

For those passionate about new and untried designs, the Abstract collection of Amtico Signature is the way to go! An array of distinct and striking patterns is available in this collection. These designs are perfect to create a contemporary and posh look.

Signature floors in the wood effect range measure 914.4 x 457.2mm. Abstract and stone effect floors vary between 76.2mm and 457.2mm in length, and between 914.4mm and 457.2mm in width. All floors measure 2.5mm in thickness.

A 1mm thick wear layer is another highlight of Amtico Signature. This super thick wear layer imparts an extraordinary durability and toughness to the floors. These floors are a great choice for residential as well as commercial applications. These floors can be used in different commercial settings including restaurants, educational institutions, and hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

The Amtico Signature floors require little maintenance to keep them looking as good as new. For best results, sweep the floor daily and damp mop to remove stains and spills. Have the floor scrubbed thoroughly once a year to remove dust that may have settled deep in the floor.

The Signature range is great for bathrooms and kitchens too as these floors are moisture-resistant. They make minimal noise and are comfortable underfoot.

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