Amtico Click Smart

Amtico Click Smart

If you are looking for a simple no-nonsense luxury vinyl flooring (LVT), then Amtico Click Smart is a great choice. Floors in this range are extremely stylish, replicating the beautiful effects of real wood and stone. Stunning aesthetics meet practicality, resulting in floors that are beautiful and practical.

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Amtico Click Smart Details

If you are interested in achieving a traditional and timeless yet a contemporary look for your interiors, then look no further than Amtico Click Smart wood effect floors! These floors are available in a wide range of wood effects, from light and dusky to medium and dark.

Amtico Click Smart stone effect floors can transform the look of your interiors with their incredibly stunning looks and style. Available in a variety of shades from subtle to deeper dark, these floors can create any mood you desire, from rugged to sophisticated!

The wood effect floors measure 1244.6mm x 178.1mm and stone effect floors measure 457.2mm x 304.8mm. All floors are 5mm thick including a wear layer of and 0.5mm. The extra thick wear layer translates into a floor that is tough and capable of tolerating heavy foot traffic and daily wear and tear.

Amtico Click Smart floors are easy to install. Each plank/tile can be clicked into place with the click to lock method. These floors are compatible with most hardwood floors; so, they can be easily installed over existing floors. In case you are installing them over a subfloor, the subfloor needs to be clean, strong, even and dry.

Amtico Click Smart floors are easy to maintain too. Regular sweeping and damp mopping are recommended. Routine cleaning with Amtico-recommended cleaners keeps the floor clean and shiny.

Spills of any kind can be cleaned immediately with a simple wipe. These floors are built to be scratch-resistant. However, avoid contact with sharp objects to prevent floor damage. These floors exhibit excellent slip resistance on a clean and dry surface.

The Amtico Click Smart range supports underfloor heating.

The Amtico Click Smart range redefines your space with its elegance and grace. These floors offer complete peace of mind with their great performance. Get the best value for your money with super deals from Lifestyle Flooring. Take your pick today!!