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Terms & Conditions

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This page details the general and specific terms and conditions that apply when you make a purchase at www.lifestyleflooringuk.co.uk. We request you to go through these terms and conditions in detail and understand them well before proceeding to purchase.

Who We Are

We are an online retailer dealing in flooring products and accessories. We run and maintain the website - lifestyleflooringuk.co.uk. Our online company is registered in England details of which include:

Company Number: 11318290

VAT Number: 293398750

References such as “we”, “us”, and “the company” stand for Lifestyle Flooring UK, which uses the trade name lifestyleflooringuk.co.uk.

“You” is a reference to the consumer or customer.


  • If you are a minor (below 18 years of age) shopping on our site, you cannot place an order unless you have a permission from a parent or guardian.

  • No contract will come into existence with regard to any product sold on lifestyleflooringuk.co.uk until we give a confirmation that the product is currently in stock and that we have dispatched it. Confirmation will be provided through an email.

  • In case we discover an error in the price of the product(s) ordered, one of our team members will contact you at the earliest to inform you about it. If the error is discovered before we dispatch the products, then we will inform you of the same and refund the entire order amount immediately.

  • Please check that the details provided in the confirmation email are correct. We strongly recommend printing out a copy of the email for your records. This will help in case you want to notify us of any errors in the order, before dispatch, which otherwise could attract an additional charge.

  • You agree that you’ll use a unique email address when using lifestyleflooringuk.co.uk. You also agree to email being employed as a primary medium of communication over long distances. You agree to emails being sufficient to send notices that are required in writing legally.

  • You may be required to validate personal information such as name, address and other, as part of our process to minimise the unauthorised use of your credit cards and discourage online fraud.

We may verify your personal details by comparing them with details in databases of registered fraud prevention agencies and credit companies. By making a purchase with us, you agree to such verification.

Delivery Policy

2.1 - We provide the following delivery options: Standard, Next Working Day and International

2.2 - For Next Working Day option, orders need to be placed before 12:00

2.3 - Standard Delivery method takes 2 to 3 working days

2.4 - Delivery timings are from 8:00 to 18:00

2.5 - Deliveries are undertaken by a third-party agency. Deliveries are made kerbside. Delivery does not include any obligation on the delivery person’s part to deliver the product inside your premises.

  1. - We take every care to deliver products ordered by you in good condition. But, you are responsible to check the products for damages on delivery. Mention that the goods have been damaged while signing for the delivery.

  2. We do not accept responsibility for replacing products that have not been mentioned to be damaged in product delivery acknowledgement papers.

    • - Since deliveries are undertaken by a third party, Lifestyle Flooring UK is not liable for any property damage. Property type includes, but is not limited to, pathways, driveways, garages, verges, and flower beds.

    In the rare occurrence of any such damage, get in touch with us and we will let you know of the delivery company against which a complaint needs to be raised.

    1. - We are not liable for expenses that you may incur due to late delivery of products. We are, therefore, not liable for reimbursing expenses towards hiring service providers such as carpenters, fitters, and joiners. We strongly recommend that you hire tradesmen only after the products are delivered on site.

    2. - If no one is present at your premises during delivery, and the delivery does not therefore realise, you are liable to pay for re-delivery. The cost will be according to the delivery company’s rate structure.

    3. - You’ll receive no guarantee from us that the product you ordered will be delivered to you in a single shipment as we may need to receive products from multiple warehouses in some cases. There is no reason to worry as your complete order will reach you on the specified day.

    4. - Once products are in your possession, they become your responsibility unless you return them to us accompanied by a sign of one of our staff members. We are not liable for any potential loss or damage of items once delivered and accepted. There are no exceptions to this clause.

    5. Returns and Cancellations

      We have been dealing in quality flooring products for over 35 years. We are quite sure that the products you buy from us will not give you any cause for complaint. But, in a rare case of you wanting to cancel an order or return one of our products, here are our policies:

      3.1 – You cannot cancel an order after 14 days of receiving the product. This is in accordance with the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 law applicable for sales realised on or after 13th June 2014.

      This rule does not apply to tailor-made products, which are customised to your specifications; this includes products that undergo cutting to exact specifications.

      3.2 – If products in your order have not been sent yet, the payment cardholder is entitled to a complete refund of order amount. The refund will be sent to the cardholder within 5 days from the date of refund request.

      3.3 - In cases where products have been dispatched, or you have accepted delivery, you must contact us through email to know about what you should do next. We will explain how you should send back the product to us, and provide the address where the goods need to be sent.

      You must pack the product carefully to keep it safe from any potential damage. We can charge you for any damage that occurs to the product while on its way to our Head Office.

      Products that are returned after opening the delivery package will be accepted only if they are in saleable condition.

      All products that are returned to us are thoroughly examined.

      3.4 – You’ll be responsible for any product that you accept delivery of, by signing the receipt. In case you are returning the product, it will be your responsibility till one of our staff members signs the product as being returned to us.

      3.5 – You will have to bear the expenses of returning the product to us.

      3.6 – If you receive your order and choose to return where there is no manufacturer fault then a 20% re stocking fee applies in addition to the carriage cost to return.

      Damaged Goods

      We take meticulous care when packing your goods. So, any damage to your product is highly unlikely. But, in case of such a rare event, these terms apply:

      4.1 – In case you discover any damage to the product when delivered, we will replace and repair the product, or refund the order amount. For this clause to apply, you’ll have to specify the damage in the courier documentation available during product delivery.

      4.2 – We are not liable to compensate for any product damage or loss once you accept the delivery and sign for it without mentioning any damage. We strongly recommend that you inspect the product immediately after delivery, and then sign for it.

      Sample Service

      5.1 – To give an authentic representation, we choose samples from the present stock at random. We do not subject samples to any kind of change or enhancements to provide exaggerated product representations.

      5.2 – Samples provided will not be the same as ordered products. This is because natural products undergo changes naturally, which enhances their look.

      5.3 – Size of the sample may differ. We try sending larger samples to give you as close a resemblance as possible to the product.

      5.4 – In case stocks are available, samples will be dispatched to you within a period of 48hrs. If the stock is unavailable, we will issue a back order.


      6.1 – A buyer must pay the order amount in full before the product gets dispatched.

      6.2 – We accept the following methods of payment: MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron, Visa Debit, PayPal, Switch, Maestro, Amex, bank transfer, and cheque payment.

      6.3 – Processing of payments will be done at the time of order placement. The order will become void in case payment is declined, and will remain void till payment is approved.

      6.4 – We owe no liability for any bank fees or processing charges such as overdraft expenses that you may incur following a purchase from us.

      6.5 – We don’t retain any details of payments by buyers.


      7.1 – By accessing www.lifestyleflooringuk.co.uk website, you agree that the text, design, images, and graphics, presented within, are copyrighted to Lifestyle Flooring UK.

      7.2 – We grant permission to users to browse this website electronically, and to print and copy content for purposes limited to non-commercial and personal use. We strictly prohibit the use of website content for any other purpose. This website is covered by international and UK copyright laws.

      7.3 – Unlawful use of the website, or an act of copying content uploaded on the website, can result in facing a claim for damages.

      Wood Grading

      8.1 – Rustic Grade – This grade of flooring is also referred to as ABC or Millrun. The flooring of this grade comes in different patterns of striking colours. It is characterised by a huge number of knots of different sizes.

      Floors of this wood grade can be figured and may feature heavy grain markings, mineral staining, and a little amount of sap.

      Rustic grade floors may come with machining defects, and can feature black knots and cracks on the surface. Fillers of black-grey or orange-cream colours are usually used to cover the defects. These colours also go with the floor’s oak grain tone.

      A major proportion of flooring raw materials is rustic grade. This flooring type provides superior stability and tolerance to wearing. It offers best returns on investment too.

      8.2 – Prime Grade – This grade is the highest-ranking flooring grade. It also goes by the names of AB or Select grade. Floorings made of this grade of wood are the costliest because raw materials are available in highly limited quantities – supply comes from just 10% of an entire oak tree.

      Floors of Prime Grade feature a uniform look though slight colour differences exist among boards.

      An exception to the uniform look is timber, which features colour variations; these variations serve the purpose of enhancing the look of the floor. These variations form a distinct and key feature of this type of flooring.

      Prime Grade floors feature grains that are straighter than grains found in other wood grades. Flooring boards may also feature a few small knots here and there, which forms another distinct and appealing feature of timber.