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Solid Wood

Solid Wood Flooring Collection

Our solid wood flooring is available in a range of different designs, finishes and shades. Each plank is manufactured from a singular piece of 100% natural wood. We have a large selection of high-quality floors to choose from. Warm and elegant, they also boast easy maintenance.

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    ✔ Pack Size (in m2): 1.2 ✔ Construction: Solid Oak ✔ Plank Effect: 1 Strip Planks ✔ Species: Oak ✔ Thickness: 18mm ✔ Plank Length: 300-1200mm ✔ Plank Width: 125mm ✔ Edge Detail: Bevel Edge ✔ Wear Layer: N/A
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About Real Wooden Floors

Hardwood floors are made from a variety of materials. These include solid walnut, oak, and maple. The singular planks are cut down to the desired size. They measure between 18 to 25 centimetres, making the planks extremely durable.

The appearance of this type of floor is much more natural and richer in appeal. Natural wood presents different shades and irregularities of the tree from which it is cut. Few other materials can match the aesthetic appeal of wooden floors. You have the choice between darker shades of wood or lighter ones. There is also a variety of finishes to match all preferences.

Wood is a natural insulation material. It can protect your house against excessive cold or warmth. This makes it a great, comfortable year-round option. Their insulating properties can also lower your bills.

Walking barefoot on a wooden floor is not the same as walking on a tiled floor. They are warmer to the touch and provide that homely feel you crave.

Solid wood floors do not accumulate dust mites, nor any other potentially allergenic element. Keeping the floors clean is also incredibly easy. There are many floor cleaners that you can use. However, just wiping the floors clean with an almost dry microfibre mop is often enough.

Solid wood is one of the most durable types of floors available. A well-kept wood floor can last for many years. Depending on the thickness of the floor, you may have the option of sanding it down. You can then refinish it to look like new.

Maintaining the planks is a relatively simple process. If you want to further improve the resilience of your hardwood floors, you can apply a sealant on top to provide greater stain protection.

We are proud to offer solid wood flooring at the cheapest prices online.