Solid Wood

Solid Wood Flooring

At Lifestyle Flooring, we have been delighting customers with our high quality flooring solutions for over 35 years. With your best interests in mind, we bring to you long-lasting solid wood flooring at the best price always. Our solid wood range is a testimony to this commitment.

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  1. Basix Multiply Golden Oak Brushed BF15 ✔ Pack Size (in m2): 1.20 ✔ Wood Range: Basix Multiply ✔ Construction: Multiply ✔ Wood Species: Oak ✔ Thickness: 18mm ✔ Plank Length: 400-1200mm
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What is Solid Wood Flooring?

A solid wood floor is made up of several single planks of hardwood cut to the desired length, width, and thickness. A single plank may usually be ¾ inches thick and are then dried in a kiln and then given a finish.

The standard thickness makes it easier to sand down the floor whenever required, retaining thus your floor's gloss without compromising its beauty and durability.

There are a few popular varieties include oak wood, maple, acacia and walnut.

Benefits of Real Wood Flooring

  • Durability - The primary benefit is that it is extremely durable.
  • Aesthetics - They are not just fantastic to look at, but come with a unique personality, which gives a character to your room.

At Lifestyle Flooring UK, you'll discover a range of shades and patterns of hardwood floors, for example, the Antique Oak Hand Distressed, which features an attractive black shade. Distressed refers to the treatment given to the floor surface to give it an authentic look of aged wood. The wood is rustic grade oak and the floor features deep grain markings, all of which add a rich character to the floor.

  • Performance Drying wood planks in a kiln at the time of manufacturing imparts a range of beneficial features to these floors, including:
  • Impressive strength - They can take heavy taps and impact of falling objects.
  • Greater stability
  • Resistance to cracks, splitting and warping
  • Resistance to wear and damage by insects
  • Solid wood floors accept finishes and paints better, which means you'll have your floor as good as new, for long.

At Lifestyle Flooring UK, we have a range of finishes, including lacquered and hand scraped varieties, that you could explore.
In addition to quality hardwood floors, Lifestyle Flooring UK gives you the best price. If you find that there are lower prices elsewhere, we can provide a better quote for you.