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Quick-Step Largo Authentic Oak planks LPU1505

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Quick-Step Largo Authentic Oak planks LPU1505 Details...

Add class and quality to the home with this exceptional quality Quick-Step Largo Authentic Oak planks LPU1505. With its longer than average design, this floor is ideal for larger room installations. Its durability means even in areas of high foot traffic, the floor will remain looking as good as new for years to come. Sold with a 25-year domestic guarantee, you’ll be making a great value investment when you buy this floor. 

Each pack of the Quick-Step Largo Authentic Oak planks LPU1505 will cover 2.521 square metres. The length of these planks is what makes the floor stand out from its competitors. Measuring 2050mm long, 205mm wide and 9.5mm thick, this floor is ideal for larger rooms. The depth also gives it a stable and solid feel underfoot, while adding extra durability into its design. 

Rated AC4 Grade, you can install Quick-Step Largo floors in domestic and moderate commercial areas. Each plank has four micro-bevel edges, creating a distinctive look that adds depth to the room. 

You’ll be able to install the Quick-Step Largo Authentic Oak planks LPU1505 in splash-prone areas thanks to its splash resistant design. It is capable of withstanding surface moisture due to the incorporated water-resistant glued base plate. 

Like most Quick-Step floors, this one can be installed with underfloor heating. The majority of systems are compatible, though you can check this through the manufacturer’s guidelines. 

The surface of the floor is protected by Scratchguard technology. Unique to Quick-Step, this technology protects the floor against micro-scratches and scuffs. This adds to its longevity, while also maintaining its shiny new appearance. This makes it great for high-traffic environments as well as for homes with pets and children. 

The Quick-Step Largo Authentic Oak planks LPU1505 has been created with an eco-friendly design. Quick-Step’s floors have been the first to receive the EU Ecolabel for environmental excellence. So, if you care about the environment, this is a great floor to invest in.

Pack Size (in m2) 2.521
Plank / Tile Size 2050 x 205 mm
Product Number LPU1505
Manufacturer Quick-Step
Laminate Range Quick-Step Largo
Thickness 9.5mm
Plank Length 2050mm
Plank Width 205mm
Laminate Edge Detail Bevel Edge
Laminate Effect Oak Effect
Style Wood Plank
Shade Grey
Laminate Durability AC4 Grade
Laminate Installation Clic Locking System
Underfloor Heating Suitable
Warranty 25 Years

Quick-Step Largo Authentic Oak planks LPU1505 Maintenance

Installing the Quick-Step Largo Authentic Oak planks LPU1505 couldn’t be easier. It comes with the patented Quick-Step Uniclic system. This doesn’t just ensure the planks slot quickly and easily into place, it also boosts the water-resistant design of the floor. Even DIY amateurs should find the click system installation easy to follow. 

Although the floor is splash proof, it isn’t totally waterproof. This means care should be taken when mopping and cleaning the floor. Use a damp, not overly wet mop, once a week. You can keep the floor dirt free by giving it a gentle sweep each day. Entrance mats will help to stop debris and dirt being walked across the floor, further protecting it against damage. 

The Quick-Step Largo Authentic Oak planks LPU1505 truly is a beautiful yet tough floor that’s sure to enhance your home or business. Not sure whether it’s the right design for you? Check out the other designs in this exclusive range today. 

Laminate Installation GuideClick fit laminate is a popular choice amongst DIY enthusiasts. Designed to simply lock together, this style of installation is the easiest and fastest method. So, if you’re looking to install your new floor by yourself, click flooring is the best option. 

Each click laminate floor will come with its own unique installation guidelines. However, to show you just how easy it is, here you’ll discover a general overview of how click fit laminate should be installed.

Don’t forget to acclimatise the floor

Before you install laminate flooring, it’s going to need to be acclimatised. This means, leaving it in the room it will be installed for a set period of time. The manufacturer will provide instructions on how long the floor needs to be acclimatised but typically it’s around 24-48 hours. The flooring should be left in its pack unopened and stacked on top of each other. 

Preparing for installation

As the laminate is being acclimatised, you’ll want to start preparing the subfloor for installation. Make sure the subfloor you’re using doesn’t have excessive levels of moisture. It should also be completely flat and smooth so any holes will need to be filled. 

Check to see whether any door jambs need to be trimmed to install the flooring. You’ll also want to use a good quality underlay underneath to provide a stable base for the laminate. Foam underlay tends to be the best option, although it might not be needed if the subfloor is flat and consistently dry. It’s important to note that click fit laminate cannot be installed over joists, the base needs to be solid and flat. 

How to install using the click method

When you’re ready to install click laminate, you’ll find it’s an exceptionally easy process. Here you’ll discover a brief step-by-step guide to help…

Step 1: Lay out the planks to see which way you want to install them. You don’t want to lay out the entire floor here, just a few rows to see how it will look. Click the boards together gently, but don’t lock them. 

Step 2: Begin installing the floor in the left-hand corner of the room. Remember to leave an appropriate expansion gap as laminate can still expand and contract. Ensure the shorter groove of the plank is against the wall. 

Step 3: Place the next plank in the first row, positioning it at an angle as you slot the edge into the first plank. Push it downwards and you’ll hear a click as the planks slot together. Continue installing the rest of the first row using this method.

Step 4: If required, trim the last plank to ensure it fits correctly. It’s best to use a saw and measure the line to be cut with a straight edge. Remember to cut enough of the plank to account for the expansion gap.

Step 5: Start installing the second row, placing the plank in the same position as the first row. Place the plank at an angle and insert it into the groove of the plank in the first row. Make sure there aren’t any gaps between the seams. 

Step 6: Continue installing the remaining rows exactly how you did with the first and second. You should find the click fit system speeds up the process. Once finished, remove spacers from the expansion gaps and cover them with moulding or a complementary threshold. 

As the planks easily slot together, you should find the above installation guide a breeze. However, remember to always follow manufacturer specific installation instructions for the best possible fit. 

As you can see, installing the Quick-Step Largo Authentic Oak planks LPU1505 is a straightforward process thanks to it’s click fit system. However, if you have any questions or need help installing the floor, you can give our expert friendly team a call. They’ll be happy to talk you through the process.

Important: We highly recommend contacting the manufacturer of the floor to receive an official installation guide. Failure to follow manufacturer guidelines could void the warranty.


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Solid Wood Floors

Are solid wood floors appropriate for bathrooms?

Installing solid floors in water-prone areas causes them to swell. Consider pre-finished solid wood floors, which come with a waterproof surface.

Do solid wood floors support underfloor heating?


How resistant are solid wood floors to scratches and chipping?

Lifestyle Flooring UK offer solid wood floors reinforced with multiple layers of protective coating. Therefore, our floors are extremely resistant to scratches and chipping.

Once installed, will my floor produce squeaky sounds?

Squeaks are caused due to a wobbly sub-floor. Solid wood flooring must be installed on an even and intact subfloor to prevent squeaks.

Is it necessary to leave a gap when installing a solid wood floor?

Yes, leave a gap of 10mm at the minimum, to accommodate expansions. A decorative bead board or skirting board can serve as a good cover for the gap.

What is the acclimation period for a solid wood floor?

Lifestyle Flooring UK recommends an acclimation period of 5 days. This ensures that the solid wood is in a perfect condition for installation.

Can a solid wood floor be sanded?

A solid wood floor can be sanded and refinished several times, which makes the floor look new. The floor doesn't need sanding for the initial 10 to 15 years though.

Engineered Wood Floors

Are engineered wood floors good for bathrooms?

Standard engineered wood floors are not recommended for bathrooms as too much contact with water causes them to swell. Pre-finished types are preferable as they feature a water-resistant surface.

Do engineered wood floors support underfloor heating?


Are engineered floors resistant to scratches?

Floors from Lifestyle Flooring UK come with multiple protective coatings, which makes them highly scratchproof.

Are engineered wood floors susceptible to squeaks?

Squeaks occur when a floor is installed on an uneven subfloor. Correct installation will not produce squeaks.

Does an engineered wood floor need an expansion gap?

Yes, a gap of a minimum 10mm is required.

What is the acclimation period for this floor?

Allow the floor to stay for a minimum of 36hrs in the room of installation for acclimation.

Do these floors support sanding?

Engineered floors can be sanded multiple times to retain their new look. They will not, however need sanding for 10 to 15 years immediately after installation.

Laminate Wood Flooring

Are laminate floors suitable for bathrooms?

Yes. But, laminate floors are water resistant only to a certain extent. So, remove excess water at the earliest.

Are laminate floors scratchproof?


Do these floors produce squeaking noises?

Install the floors on even subfloors to prevent such noises.

Do these floors need an expansion gap?

Laminate floors are not made of natural products however we recommended a minimum expansion gap of 1/4 inch.

Do laminate floors accommodate underfloor heating?

Our Frequently Asked Questions