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Lifestyle Floors Belgravia

Lifestyle Floors Belgravia

Lifestyle Floors is the UK’s leading flooring specialist. The Lifestyle Floors Belgravia range boasts of superior quality and modern designs. It packs in several benefits to suit the lifestyle of the modern home owner. These floors are strong, durable, low on maintenance, and are available in a range of shades and thicknesses. No matter your budget, you are sure to find the right product from Lifestyle Floors Belgravia.

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Lifestyle Floors Belgravia

Belgravia by Lifestyle Floors offers a fantastic 20-year warranty. With some minimum care, these floors deliver great performance for several years.

The Lifestyle Floors Belgravia range has been designed to offer impressive floor stability, flexibility, strength and scratch-resistance. They are made up of multiple layers that are joined together under great heat and pressure conditions.

Each of these layers lends a beneficial feature to the final product. The base layer lends great stability to the floor and prevents warping (twists and other shape distortions in the floor arising from faulty manufacture or stress of use). Adding to the stability is the core layer, which, in addition brings great flexibility and strength.

There is also a protective layer, made of melamine resin, which gives the floor its superior durability. It also makes the floor resistant to deep scratches and gouge. The décor layer gives the floor its fascinating visual appeal. Be it stone or wood, the decor layer looks just like the real thing.

The Belgravia range from Lifestyle Floors is suitable for any room except for wet spaces. Easy installation, greater resistance to daily wear and tear, and the wide variety of shades make these floors highly suitable for kitchens, halls, lounges, playrooms, home offices, living and dining rooms, bedrooms, and conservatories.

The Belgravia range of floors is resistant against daily wear such as scratches, stains and spills. Simply carry a routine of dry mopping the floor every day and vacuum the floor once a fortnight. And the occasional damp mopping will remove any marks off the floor. This routine will keep your Lifestyle Floors Belgravia floor in top form for several years.

Explore the Lifestyle Floors Belgravia range and bring home your best match, today!