Krono Original Vintage Narrow

Krono Original Vintage Narrow

The Krono Original Vintage Narrow range of laminate flooring can transform any space into a unique living area with its distinct looks and pattern. The warm and bold hues add a touch of class and elegance to any space.

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  1. ✔ Pack Size (in m2): 1.73 ✔ Laminate Range: Krono Vintage Narrow ✔ Thickness: 10mm ✔ Plank Length: 1285mm ✔ Plank Width: 123mm ✔ Shade / Effect: Hickory Effect ✔ Style: Wood Effect Plank
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Krono Original Vintage Narrow Details

Krono Original Vintage Narrow is just what you need to create a vintage look and feel. The surface layer has a rustic hand scraped finish with textures, patterns and imperfections at various places that make them almost indistinguishable from hardwood floors.

The surface is further strengthened with a robust wear layer that protects the floors from scratches, cuts and other abrasions. This makes the laminate floors extremely strong, durable and an excellent long-term investment.

The Krono Original Vintage Narrow planks are not only strikingly beautiful and sturdy but extremely functional too. Made in Germany with the highest quality materials and using the latest techniques, the floors are anti-bacterial and moisture resistance.

They are perfect for your interiors as they are almost resistant to damp and bacterial growth. You can enjoy your laminated floorings for years without worrying about any swelling, indentation or growth of mould that is commonly associated with dampness.

Installing the Krono Original Vintage Narrow floor is super easy and real quick. The installation process is simple and the floors are extremely easy to maintain because of their anti-stain property. These floors should be your ideal choice when you want durable laminate floors that do not require extensive caring.

The floors are also finished in a way that reduces glare so that your interiors remain cool and comfortable. They are also anti-static and slip resistant in nature. You can safely walk on your Krono Original Vintage Narrow laminated floors without the fear of skidding or getting an electric shock.

The floors are perfectly suitable for installing in rooms with under-floor heating facilities.