Kaindl Easy Touch

Kaindl Easy Touch

When you are looking for premium wood effect laminate flooring, look no further than the Kaindl Easy Touch! These floors are a fantastic expression of different wood styles. They are available in a range of shades, from light to subtle, medium and dark colours, to meet your every need.

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    ✔ Pack Size (in m2): 2.2 ✔ Laminate Range: Kaindl 8mm Creative Glossy ✔ Thickness: 8mm ✔ Plank Length: 1383mm ✔ Plank Width: 159mm ✔ Shade / Effect: Wood Effect ✔ Style: Wood Effect 1 Strip Plank
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Kaindl Easy Touch Details

Whether you want a highly glossy finish to define your space or a matt effect floor to highlight your interiors, discover a floor that fits your needs exactly with Kaindl Easy Touch. These floors are comfortable underfoot and boast several other practical benefits too.

The Kaindl Easy Touch floors are made of multiple layers that are fixed together in a high-pressure high-temperature environment. The resulting floor is extremely stable, strong and solid underfoot. The floors are resistant to scratches, stains, spills, and moisture all thanks to the multi-layer design. Consequently, these floors are very easy to clean too.

Simply sweep the floors routinely and follow it up with a damp-mop schedule periodically to keep the floors sparkling and clean. You don’t have to subject the floor to expensive treatments such as waxing to have it looking good in the long run. The Kaindl Easy Touch floors preserve their good looks with little maintenance.

These planks measure 1383mm x 159mm x 8mm. The extra thick planks result in a silent floor. You’ll not hear these floors creaking or producing other annoying sounds when you walk on them. The impressive thickness also ensures that the floor is strong and stable even on slightly weaker subfloors.

Unlike carpets, the Easy Touch floors do not trap in dust, dirt, and allergens associated with them such as dust mites. So, these floors are a great option if you are health-conscious, or someone in the home is allergic to dust.

Installing these floors is a breeze. You can fasten the planks in place without using glue or adhesive, which makes for a quick and mess-free installation.

With their stunning visual appeal and high practicality, the Kaindl Easy Touch floors make your life stress-free. Adding to your happiness are the super deals from Lifestyle Flooring. You will find that our rates are the lowest in the UK.

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