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Elesgo Flooring

Elesgo flooring come with superior gloss features. They pack in several unique features that make them ideal for rough and heavy everyday use. They do not lose their shine, beauty, and performance over time.

Affordability, easy maintenance, and durability of laminate flooring make it a quick selling product at Lifestyle Flooring UK.

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Elesgo Flooring Details

What if we add more benefits and bring you some of the best laminates in the market?
Our association with trade partners of HDM, Germany's global interior decor brand, does just that!

Our partnership brings to you Elesgo, a leading range of laminate flooring known for its superior design and performance.

Elesgo laminate flooring is certified for quality by Germany's reputed Institut fuer Holztechnologie Dresden (Institute of Wood Technology Dresden)

Elesgo flooring offers Multi-layer flooring design with beneficial properties including:

  • Superior wood, stone and designer simulation
  • Elesgo laminate flooring is Wear resistance
  • Strong grip on the flooring
  • Great endurance for stress above the floor, which makes it practical for commercial as well as residential setup
  • Elesgo laminate flooring is formaldehyde and solvent-free.

Formaldehyde can increase the risk of allergies and even cause cancers (Source: Consumer Reports).

Solvents are not only harmful to health but can also cause damage to the floor structure.

With their superior resistant features, Elesgo laminate give you maximum protection.

Antistatic and anti-bacterial flooring. Antistatic protection repels dirt and dust while antibacterial property keeps floors hygienic. Floors are also resistant to stains and damage by household chemicals. This is because of the use of specialised raw materials in the flooring make.
These properties make it effortless to keep the floor clean. You don't have to take extra care to maintain the floor.

  • Elesgo Floors are resistant to fading by UV rays.
  • Shock and impact-resistant
  • Extreme durability with models giving you 10 to 14+ years of service and performance
  • Elesgo Floors are soft to walk on. They are also comfortably warm to the touch.
  • Floors exhibit high sound insulation. Use of specialised floor manufacturing technology reduces sounds produced by walking to as much as 50%.
  • Highly water and moisture-resistant. Use of specialised lubricant reinforces floor edges to be more resistant to water penetration.
  • Extensive range of colours and designs for Elesgo ranges
  • Flooring installation is super easy with the simple Uniclic click method. Based on tongue and groove installation, this method eliminates the need for glues and nails.
  • Elesgo installation is faster, safer and far less messy.

Elesgo Flooring Accessories

We also offer efficient accessories, including:

  • Artificial grass geotextile anchoring pegs
  • Artificial grass joining glue
  • Artificial grass U-Pins
  • Artificial grass joining glue
  • Artificial grass joining tape

If you do not find any flooring in our Elesgo range then please see the rest of our laminate flooring collection as there is a lot more to choose from.