Egger Laminate Flooring

Looking for a high-quality flooring solution without the premium price tag? Egger laminate flooring is renowned for its superior quality design and affordable prices. The brand has been producing top-quality laminate floors for over 20 years and has quickly become one of the leaders in the industry.

At Lifestyle Flooring UK, we offer three unique Egger collections. Whether you’re searching for a durable and attractive flooring for the home, or whether you’re looking for a stylish hard-wearing floor for your business, there’s sure to be something to suit you in this extraordinary range.

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    ✔ Pack Size (in m2): 1.99 ✔ Laminate Range: Egger Pro Classic 8mm ✔ Thickness: 8mm ✔ Plank Length: 1291mm ✔ Plank Width: 193mm ✔ Shade / Effect: Acacia Effect ✔ Style: Laminate Tile
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Why choose Egger floors?

Egger has been producing laminate flooring for over 20 years and has built up a strong reputation as one of Europe’s industry leaders. Each of their floors are constructed to the highest standard, guaranteeing exceptional quality and stunning designs. Just some of the benefits of the floors in this spectacular range include:

  • The Latest in flooring technology
  • Resilient and suitable for both domestic and commercial installations
  • Available in a huge range of effects and designs
  • Created with natural substances
  • Egger laminate flooring is easy installation

In order to remain one of the top laminate flooring providers, Egger dedicates itself to ensuring its floors are built with the latest flooring technology.

One of its latest technological innovations is its HD Digital Printing technique. This prints the high-resolution designs directly onto the upper layer of cork, enabling more design choices than ever before. It also involves inserting a natural cork layer just underneath the coreboard for its comfort range; giving the laminate a unique five-layer design. Other impressive technologies include SelfRepair, anti-static and Aqua+.

Another benefit of Egger laminate flooring is the fact it’s extremely versatile. Due to the huge choice of designs and effects, along with its superb durability, the range can be used almost everywhere, including in both commercial and domestic environments. The full-surface gluing capabilities even allow for large surface commercial applications.

In order to ensure a healthy environment, Egger laminate flooring is also created using natural substances. The surface of the planks is sealed to ensure it repels dirt, while its easy-clean properties make it ideal for allergy sufferers.

Its floors also come with patented click system technology. This means, they’re super-simple to install, even by DIY amateurs.

Aqua+ technology

One of Egger’s most impressive technologies is Aqua+. Adding a waterproof feature to its laminate floors, the Aqua+ range can easily be installed in the bathroom or kitchen. As it is water-resistant, you can also steam clean it for easy maintenance.

What’s most impressive about this collection, is the fact that it comes with a lifetime guarantee! This makes it one of the best value for money laminates on the market.

Be aware that not all Egger flooring comes with Aqua+ technology. So, if this is a feature you want, you’ll need to double check the floor you’re considering does come with the Aqua+ feature.

Helping to support sustainability

Like many top flooring manufacturers, Egger is dedicated to sustainability. Its flooring is only constructed using materials taken from sustainably managed forests. It also continually looks to enhance its environmental performance within its production process, ensuing it uses eco-friendly management systems in accordance with ISO guidelines.

Recycling is also high on Egger’s priority list. Wooden waste products left over from the manufacturing and production process, are recycled for use in chipboard production. Most impressively, the company also turns its Biogenic fuels which can’t be used in materials, into green electricity and heat via its very own biomass power plants.

It’s clear the brand cares about its impact on the environment, so if you’re looking for an eco-friendly flooring solution, Egger laminate is a fantastic choice.

Choose from three unique collections

Lifestyle Flooring UK offers three unique Egger laminate collections. You’ll find a total of 36 unique textures and shades to choose from, guaranteeing there will be something to suit your home or business. Below, you’ll discover a brief overview of the Egger laminate collections we have available.

Egger Pro

The incredible Egger Pro laminate collection is only available via a few specialist distributors and Lifestyle Flooring UK is proud to be one of them. The superior range is expertly designed to replicate natural materials.

Its top layer is highly-durable, ensuring it is well protected against scratches, scrapes and dents. Its incredible durability makes it the perfect choice for homes with pets and children, as well as for high-traffic commercial areas. Free from plasticisers and PVC, they don’t release any toxic matter or pollutants, and they’re also highly-resistant to dirt.

You’ll find some of the floors in this range feature the unique Aqua+ technology too, making them ideal for installation anywhere in the home. There is a great choice of wood, stone and even granite designs available, so you’re guaranteed to find a design to perfectly match your existing décor.

Egger Pro Comfort

The superb Egger Pro Comfort collection is designed to not only be exceptionally comfortable, but it boasts fantastic heat insulation and noise reduction properties too. This is largely thanks to its high-quality cork construction, which are said to contain 40 million thermo-insulating cork cells.

There’s a sturdy HDF core, centred between elastic core layers. This gives the floors a comfortable, yet highly-durable design. You’ll find a remarkable choice of designs available, including wood, stone and more unusual design options.

Egger Pro Design

The most durable, stylish and versatile laminate flooring in our collection, is the Egger Pro Design range. This remarkable floor fulfils every single requirement. It’s water resistant, eco-friendly, and extremely wear resistant. It even benefits from Egger’s Self Repair technology, providing excellent wear and tear protection even in the busiest environments.

These floors are also fade resistant and slip resistant for maximum reassurance. You’ll get to choose from a great range of stunning designs, with many regarding them as some of the trendiest laminate designs on the market.

The Egger laminate flooring collection truly is a fantastic choice for the home or business. Whichever floor you decide to go with, you’ll benefit from an exemplary guarantee, along with easy installation thanks to its patented Uni-fit click system.

At Lifestyle Flooring UK, we provide great free samples of our Egger laminate floors. Why not request a sample today to help you decide which floor is right for you? You can also give us a call to discover more about the Egger Pro range from our friendly advisors.