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Karndean Knight Tile Fired Clay TC48

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Karndean Knight Tile Fired Clay TC48 Details...

This beautiful Karndean Knight Tile Fired Clay TC48 Vinyl Flooring is extremely popular, being one of our best sellers! Buy the Karndean Knight Tile Fired Clay TC48 Vinyl Flooring at the lowest price on the internet. We specialise in the full Karndean Knight Tile so if the Karndean Knight Tile Fired Clay TC48 Vinyl Flooring then please see our other tiles.

Benefits of Choosing Karndean Knight Tile Fired Clay TC48 Vinyl Flooring Flooring

Natural stone flooring is generally not preferred because it is hard to the touch, which makes walking on it on a day-to-day basis difficult. Stone floors also tend to become colder during winter months. With our Karndean Knight Tile Fired Clay TC48 Vinyl Flooring, you could get the beautiful and lustrous effects of stone floors without their practical disadvantages. Karndean stone effect vinyl tiles bring you fantastic floors with lasting practical benefits such as:

Great Durability

Natural stone floors get chipped, cracked and stained easily. Karndean Knight Tile range of natural stone-effect floors pack in several benefits including:

  • Being soft under the feet

  • Providing warmth during winters

  • The Karndean Knight Tile Fired Clay TC48 Vinyl Flooring is stain and water-resistant

  • Showing impressive tolerance to chipping, cracks and scratches

Ease of Maintenance

The Karndean Knight Tile Fired Clay TC48 Vinyl Flooring is very easy to clean. It’s are not as heavy on maintenance as natural stone floors. Karndean Knight Tile tiles don’t need regular sweeping, vacuuming and mopping, or use of specialised cleaning solutions. They are also more tolerant to spills than natural stone floors. Some natural stones such as marble require regular polishing and maintenance to keep looking good. Karndean Knight Tile range of floors have no such maintenance or polishing needs. Karndean Knight Tile Support for Underfloor Heating Karndean Knight Tile floors are designed to be warmer, which makes them compatible with underfloor heating systems unlike their natural stone counterparts. With their wonderful features of durability and easy maintenance, Karndean Knight Tile range of natural stone-inspired floors are a great choice for people with kids and pets. They are also an ideal choice for people looking for floors with the rare combination of classic beauty, contemporary design and practical benefits. Lifestyle Flooring stocks all the Karndean Knight Tile range. Browse through our s today to find your dream floor! Floors in this range come in different shades, patterns and effects. Each design brings out details and effects wonderfully close to real stone floors. From floors made of modern slate to floors featuring complex limestone effects, you can find all Karndean floors at Lifestyle Flooring. The wide range in choice ensures that you have a design that matches your taste and interior décor shades perfectly.

Pack Size (in m2) 3.34
Plank / Tile Size 305 x 305mm
Manufacturer Karndean
Range Karndean Knight Tile
Thickness 2mm
Length 305mm
Width 305mm
Style Stone Effect
Plank / Tile Colour Medium
Shade Brown
Edge Detail Square Edge
Wear Layer 0.3mm
Installation Method Glue Down
Underfloor Heating Suitable
Durability High Wear Resistance
Warranty Lifetime

Karndean Knight Tile Fired Clay TC48 Vinyl Flooring Information

Vinyl floors are extremely durable, resistant to scratches and stains, and are available in a variety of colours and designs to suit any interior décor. Vinyl floors can handle high levels of foot traffic efficiently making the Karndean Knight Tile Fired Clay TC48 Vinyl Flooring ideal for all environments

Vinyl floors are soft to walk on, and are noise-absorbent. These features make the Karndean Knight Tile Fired Clay TC48 Vinyl Flooring particularly attractive to commercial property owners, and home owners with pets and kids. They are affordable and can be installed easily and quickly.

To keep reaping the benefits of your Karndean Knight Tile Fired Clay TC48 Vinyl Flooring for a long time, you need to maintain the floor well. Maintaining vinyl floors is easy compared to other flooring types.

Maintenance tips for long-lasting Karndean Knight Tile Fired Clay TC48 Vinyl Flooring vinyl floors:

  • Once installed, avoid washing your floor for a minimum period of 24 hours
  • Mop the floor as regularly as once a week. Follow your manufacturer’s floor-cleaning manual to use appropriate methods and cleaning solutions for mopping.
  • Clean your floor regularly. Use a vacuum for the purpose. You could also use a soft brush to sweep off loosely-attached dirt.
  • Use entrance mats for doors that allow people in from outside. These mats stop sharp or other damage-causing items at the door itself, keeping your floor safe from scratches and gouges.
  • Remove the finishing layer from floors and re-apply regularly if you have installed dressed floors. Stripping method and frequency must be in accordance to manufacturer guidelines.
  • Use floormats in water-prone areas to minimise floor’s contact with excess water.
  • Clean liquid spills at the earliest, to avoid unsightly stains in the long run.
  • Use felt pads beneath furniture body and legs so that they do not cause damage such as scratches or cracks upon dragging.
  • Use slow, even and careful movements, when moving appliances. Abrupt and careless movements can cause deep scratches on the floor. Use equal care when moving an any wheel-based appliance as these too, are equally damaging.
  • Keep your pet’s nails in check, regularly, to avoid scratches on your vinyl floor.

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Flooring Installation Methods

If you are installing a wood floor at your home/office for the first time, chances are you are finding the installation company’s technical terms difficult to understand. You could always ask the salesperson to explain it in simpler terms. It doesn’t hurt though to educate yourself about the different installation methods. This way, the whole process will be easy to handle.

Click and Lock Method

Lifestyle Flooring Click and Lock Method Floor Installation

In this method, adjoining wooden floor planks are folded and clicked into place, and firmly locked into position. The click and lock technology does away with messy adhesives, nails and screws.

This method is normally used for engineered and solid wood floors. The simple joint-making system makes installation simpler, faster, better and easier.

The But Up Method

Lifestyle Flooring The But Up Method Floor Installation

Used for vinyl floors, this is a glue-based method in which tiles are glued to the floor. The tiles need to be in correct alignment with the floor to get the final arrangement right.

This method of installation makes the floor tolerant to heavy foot traffic and other solid impact. For this reason, the But Up method is commonly used in residential and commercial flooring.

Another advantage to this method is that it allows for easy floor-laying in future. So, if you want a new vinyl floor on the existing one, simply place the tiles one-by-one on the existing ones.

Tongue and Groove Method

Lifestyle Flooring Tongue and Groove Method Floor Installation

Flooring planks are cut to feature grooves and tongues on all four sides. A tongue is a protruding edge and a groove is a hollow created to receive the tongue. A tongue-and-groove joint results in an intact arrangement leaving no gaps.

A sub-floor is necessary in this type of installation. Screws or nails, hidden neatly from view, or glue, are used to settle the floor in place. This method is usually employed for engineered and solid wooden floors.

The Floating Method

Lifestyle Flooring Floating Method Floor Installation

This method is like a jigsaw puzzle where pieces interlock and form their own picture without touching the surface on which they are placed. In Floating method, wooden planks interconnect and lock into position with each other, and not to the subfloor.

The resulting floor is soft to the touch and more comfortable.

No matter the method of installation, be sure to invest in high quality flooring for best results. Lifestyle Flooring has been supplying superior quality floors of all types for 35+ years. We cater to commercial and residential flooring needs throughout the UK.

Contact us at 0113 320 0223 for more details.

These are Flooring Installation Methods if you want to do it yourself!

Our Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order less than the minimum stated on the site?

Unfortunately not unless you have just ordered some flooring and decide to add an additional box / number of boxes to your order to be sent out with your existing order. If this is the case, please quote your existing order ID in a message and send it via email or the contact form on the "Contact Us" page.

Do you provide a fitting service?


Where can I buy stripping?

We provide stripping and adhesive in the accessories section.

Can I return some packs if I don't use them all?

Sorry but no.

Solid Wood Floors

Are solid wood floors appropriate for bathrooms?

Installing solid floors in water-prone areas causes them to swell. Consider pre-finished solid wood floors, which come with a waterproof surface.

Do solid wood floors support underfloor heating?


How resistant are solid wood floors to scratches and chipping?

Lifestyle Flooring offers solid wood floors reinforced with multiple layers of protective coating. Therefore, our floors are extremely resistant to scratches and chipping.

Once installed, will my floor produce squeaky sounds?

Squeaks are caused due to a wobbly sub-floor. Solid wood flooring must be installed on an even and intact subfloor to prevent squeaks.

Is it necessary to leave a gap when installing a solid wood floor?

Yes, leave a gap of 10mm at the minimum, to accommodate expansions. A decorative bead board or skirting board can serve as a good cover for the gap.

What is the acclimation period for a solid wood floor?

Lifestyle Flooring recommends an acclimation period of 5 days. This ensures that the solid wood is in a perfect condition for installation.

Can a solid wood floor be sanded?

A solid wood floor can be sanded and refinished several times, which makes the floor look new. The floor doesn't need sanding for the initial 10 to 15 years though.

Engineered Wood Floors

Are engineered wood floors good for bathrooms?

Standard engineered wood floors are not recommended for bathrooms as too much contact with water causes them to swell. Pre-finished types are preferable as they feature a water-resistant surface.

Do engineered wood floors support underfloor heating?


Are engineered floors resistant to scratches?

Floors from Lifestyle Flooring come with multiple protective coatings, which makes them highly scratchproof.

Are engineered wood floors susceptible to squeaks?

Squeaks occur when a floor is installed on an uneven subfloor. Correct installation will not produce squeaks.

Does an engineered wood floor need an expansion gap?

Yes, a gap of a minimum 10mm is required.

What is the acclimation period for this floor?

Allow the floor to stay for a minimum of 36hrs in the room of installation for acclimation.

Do these floors support sanding?

Engineered floors can be sanded multiple times to retain their new look. They will not, however need sanding for 10 to 15 years immediately after installation.

Laminate Wood Flooring

Are laminate floors suitable for bathrooms?

Yes. But, laminate floors are water resistant only to a certain extent. So, remove excess water at the earliest.

Are laminate floors scratchproof?


Do these floors produce squeaking noises?

Install the floors on even subfloors to prevent such noises.

Do these floors need an expansion gap?

As laminate floors are not made of natural products, they don't need an expansion gap.

Do laminate floors accommodate underfloor heating?

Our Frequently Asked Questions