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Flooring Education Guide

Choosing the right type of flooring for your home is really important- it not only needs to look amazing but it needs to do its job properly and last its full lifespan.

Here you can discover which type of flooring is the perfect fit for your project, understand the make-up of each different type of flooring and learn all the best tips and tricks to give your flooring the TLC it deserves. 

Need help choosing between laminate or luxury vinyl tiles? Don’t know the difference between engineered wood or solid wood flooring? We can help with that.

Have a question about maintaining the quality of your flooring? Issues with installation? We’ve all the answers to your most common questions here.

If you’re stuck with choosing which type of flooring to put in a specific room of your house, we’ve put together the following information to help you out with the selection process. Investing your money in the right product for your project not only saves you money but saves your time and effort too. 

Luxury Vinyl Tile or LVT = An amazing product that’s mostly made of PVC, LVTs are scratch resistant, waterproof, can be combined with underfloor heating and are amazing at keeping heat in and sound out. There’s not much that LVT can’t do- the only place we wouldn’t recommend installing them is on your staircase.

Luxury Vinyl Tile or LVT

Laminate = Lamination quite literally translates as ‘to make layers’, which explains why laminated flooring is made up of multiple layers of synthetic materials. This cleverly thought-out product features technology that resists moisture, adapts to temperature changes so your floor doesn't buckle or rise, is scratch-resistant and is pretty durable. There are hundreds of designs and patterns to choose from which means it’s fairly easy to use laminate in most areas of the home. Laminate is smooth underfoot so maybe avoid using on the stairs where grip is fairly essential!

Laminate Flooring Advice

Carpet = Carpet still reigns as champion is most homes across the UK. Carpet normally comes in either low pile or high pile which gives you an idea of the thickness of the carpet underfoot. It’s fab at adding warmth to your home both in style and in heat, good at absorbing noise and you don’t need to worry about the possibility of scratching the floor. However, carpet does get mucky fairly quickly which means that anything that is spilt or stains must be cleaned and addressed immediately to avoid long term damage. It is not moisture resistant.

Carpet Advice

Engineered wood = The most popular choice of the moment, engineered wood offers you a wooden flooring alternative to solid wood that’s cheaper yet has the same great texture and feel of real wood flooring. A beautiful choice for your home, engineered wood is durable, tough, a much more moisture-resistant choice than solid wood, and is compatible with underfloor heating. It’s no wonder it’s such a strong contender for home renovators and first time buyers. 

Engineered Wood Flooring Advice

Solid Wood = Solid wood flooring is an investment that keeps on giving back to you. It’s milled from one solid piece of timber which gives it its name, and can be used anywhere in the home that doesn’t experience a high amount of moisture. Although solid wood isn’t the best at keeping out damp, it is incredibly hard-wearing, looks gorgeous and if it gets scratched, you can sand down the wood multiple times to keep it looking as good as the first time it was laid. 

Solid Wood Flooring Advice
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