Engineered Wood

Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood is a great alternative to solid hardwood flooring. It is composed of several layers of plywood that are glued together to form a stable and sturdy floor. The top layer features solid hardwood.

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Engineered Wood Floor Details

With a striking resemblance to solid wood, engineered wood is perfect when you want the rustic warmth of authentic wood floors without the hassles. The floors are resistant to fluctuations in temperature and humidity and don’t dent or bulge easily.

These highly durable floors are compatible with under-floor heating too, making them an excellent choice for both domestic and commercial spaces.

Excellent, Cost-effective Floors

Engineered wood flooring is cheaper than hardwood floors without compromising on quality. The multi-layer construction ensures that the floors are extremely solid, sturdy and durable. The floors feature an HDF (High Density Fibreboard) core that gives exceptional stability and balance to these floors.

It last for years without requiring a refinish. Made of the highest grade raw materials, these floors can easily absorb daily wear and tear.

In fact, the best brands offer a lifetime warranty on their engineered wood planks for residential use.

Gorgeous Looks

With engineered, you can enjoy the traditional sophistication of authentic wood flooring. The planks are available in a diverse range of wood species and shades to suit every décor. The surface is embellished with knots, grains and patterns that ensure stunning similarity to that particular natural timber.

Certain models also feature exclusive surface finishes such as distressed, lacquered, burnt, aged, hand-brushed or oiled that makes these floors hardly distinguishable from solid hardwood flooring.

Ease of Installation

Installing is quick and easy. These floors are laid using the floating method or are glued down. You can install these floors easily even if you have minimal knowledge of carpentry.