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Engineered Wood Flooring

At Lifestyle Flooring, we have a range of engineered floors by Quick-Step. Stylish colours, cuts and surface effects, are available to suit your interior décor needs. Coupled with their practical benefits, these floors are highly popular.

Here are some benefits that engineered wood floors offer.

  • High-End Stability and Durability
  • Quick-Step floors use raw materials of the highest grade to ensure superior floor make, performance and finish.
  • floors give you years and years of service. In fact, residential floors come with a lifetime warranty!
  • These floors are manufactured using 3 solid wood layers and a protective finish to ensure such lifelong such durability and strength.
  • The multi-layered design strengthens floor’s resistance to changing temperature and humidity conditions, thereby preventing damage to the flooring.
  • The core layer with Hevea, spruce or HDF (High-Density Fibreboard), gives unparalleled balance, stability, and life to the floor.

Engineered Wood is Low Maintenance

Depending on the model, a floor may have a protective finish made from 7 layers of water-based lacquer exposed to UV-processing. This feature, in addition to imparting a rich shine, protects the floor from wear, stains, and scratches, making maintenance quite easy.

There is also a layer of veneer comprising pine or spruce to support other layers in preventing typical wood problems such as warping and cupping.

Engineered Wood - A Floor that Keeps Looking Good

Depending on the model, the finish may also feature 2 layers of high-quality oil, which gives a rich natural wood look with extra matt, and enable the floors to age well.

Quick-Step floors have a face layer made from select solid wood. You get a range of colours and patterns with models featuring different face layers.

This face layer accepts sanding and refinishing well, which means you’ll have an ageless floor!

Engineered Wood is Easy to Install

With Uniclic tongue and groove method of clicking and locking, floor installation becomes incredibly easier. Quick-Step floors support glue-based installation too.

Avail these excellent benefits of Quick-Step engineered wood floors at attractive prices at Lifestyle Flooring! We can re-quote if you find these floors cheaper elsewhere.