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Engineered Wood

Engineered Wood Flooring Collection

Browse our extensive range of engineered wood flooring from the leading brands in the industry. Constructed from several layers of high-quality timber, engineered floors are durable and easy to maintain. They are compatible with underfloor heating and one of the most sustainable flooring options. We have a large range of different wood species and finishes below to ensure you find your perfect flooring...

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Further Details

Engineered wood flooring planks boast a unique construction. Made up of several layers, they can last decades when correctly maintained. The base layer consists of either multi-ply or 3-ply block construction. The multi-ply varieties are the most popular. They are made from several layers of plywood with a tough core. The floors can be constructed with anything from 3-12 layers. They are bonded together with a strong adhesive at a 90 Degree angle for stability.

The top layer is a solid wood veneer. This provides a real wood effect and comes in a variety of finishes.

Different Species Available

We stock a number of species including:

  • Oak: A popular species, known to provide a timeless natural effect.
  • Ash: A light, chic style wood popular in hand scraped finishes.
  • Beech: Hardy and difficult to stain, Beech floors have a warm design.
  • Walnut: Resistant to light damage, boasting a deep warm colouration.
  • Maple: A distinctive hardwood, known for its unique grain pattern.

We also supply unique species such as cherry, Jarrah and Merbeau. Each provides a distinctive appearance. If you are unsure about these species then feel free to phone us for advice.

Different Finishes of Engineered Wood Flooring

Brushed: Planks with a brushed finish provide a natural look. They are scraped with a wire brush to reveal the deeper grains underneath. This effect gives the wood an aged appearance, adding texture to the floor.

Distressed: Distressed engineered wood flooring has a rustic, antique feel. They create a striking look, suitable for formal spaces.

Hand Scraped: With this technique, the planks are scraped by hand to reveal the deeper grains underneath. Every plank is different providing unique characteristics.

Lacquered: Planks with a lacquered finish have a smooth, shiny appearance. The lacquer stays on the surface, protecting against scuffs and scratches. 

Oiled: Oiled finished planks have a natural appearance. The oil seeps through the wood, providing more thorough protection. These floors can be locally fixed if required without the need to refinish the entire floor. Some floors are UV oiled to protect against fading.

Unfinished: Our unfinished floors allow you to finish the floor yourself. You can oil, lacquer and stain them however you like.

Engineered planks can be sanded down and refinished when needed. The depth of the real wood veneer will determine how many times you can sand it down.

European Sourced Wood

Our floors are manufactured using European sourced timber from Holland, Germany, Poland and Austria. The materials are from sustainable forests using eco-friendly techniques to minimise the carbon footprint.

Installing Engineered Wood Flooring

Unlike solid wood, the planks tend to come with a click system. This makes them easy to just slot them into place. Some do feature a tongue and groove system which can be a little trickier to install. However, most find they can still do it themselves.

We only supply flooring from the most prestigious brands in the industry. These include KAHRS, Parador, Quick-Step and Kersaint Cobb. We pride ourselves on offering engineered wood floors at the cheapest prices in the UK.