Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood floors have become a cheaper and popular alternative to solid wood flooring due to their numerous benefits thanks to their unique construction of several layers of compressed timber with a real wood veneer. They are more water-resistant and less likely to warp or shrink due to temperature fluctuations which makes them suitable for use with underfloor heating.

They come with either tongue and groove or click installation making the planks easy to fit even for DIY amateurs. No adhesive or nails are required during installation.

The real wood veneer, or wear layer, can be made from different species of wood. We supply engineered oak, acacia and walnut ranges at considerably cheap prices.

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Further Information

Oak is undoubtedly the most common species used, boasting a traditional, elegant look, it benefits from a beautifully close grain for a unique decorative flair.

Walnut is a soft wood, offering a sleek, rich colour. Our walnut floors provide a beautiful clean and seamless look to the room. They have a more formal design than oak based floors, and they offer a comfortable, stable feel underfoot. 

Acacia floors come is a variety of contrasting design. Boasting deep, rich textures, these floors are sure to stand out. There are more than 980 different species of Acacia, making these floors one of the most diverse on the market. 


Our collection come in a variety of finishes. Lacquered and oiled remain our most popular finishes, although we also have a large selection of other options available. 

Whether you’re searching for a unique white-washed finish to add a chic look to the home, or a rustic, distressed finish to add character; you’ll find something to match your needs in our collection.

Choosing the right size

You will need to consider the thickness, wear layer and width of the flooring when deciding which one to buy. The wear layer and thickness will ultimately decide the floor’s longevity. The thickness of our planks varies between 10mm to 20mm. The thicker they are, the deeper the wear layer will usually be. For example, our 10mm thick floors benefit from an average 2.5mm wear layer, while our 20mm boards have a wear layer up to 6mm. In practical terms, this means the floors with a 6mm wear layer can be sanded and re-finished a maximum of seven times. 

Our brands:


This Swedish flooring company is one of the oldest in the world and is known for introducing the world to its very first engineered floor.

Kahrs floors are breathtakingly beautiful. They feature a high-performance surface, thanks to the expert use of advanced surface treatments. Thanks to these treatments, Kahrs floors retain their stunning looks for years while exhibiting excellent resistance to wear and tear. 

The surface treatments are also free of toxic chemicals such as solvents, isocyanate and formaldehyde.

Kahrs floors are also known for their revolutionary Woodloc installation system. With this mechanical system, the planks can be fit together without glue or nails. Woodloc eliminates gaps between planks to create a firm and stable floor underfoot.

Kahrs floors are available in a variety of shades, patterns and finishes. These floors are extremely eco-friendly too thanks to a well-designed manufacturing process that minimises waste and converts it into usable energy.


Quick-Step, a world leader in flooring, offers floors in a variety of colours, patterns and wood species. Meticulous attention to detail ensures each floor is a masterpiece in its own right. 

These floors are completely wear-proof, thanks to the use of several protective layers in the design. The lacquered wood floors, for example, consist of 7 water-based lacquer layers that are UV-cured. This design, in addition to making the floors extremely durable, protects their sheen for years.

These floors use 'Uniclic Multifit' installation system, which speeds up the process by up to 30% compared to traditional installation methods. With Uniclic, simply secure the planks into a click and you’re done. What’s more, the floors are ready for use immediately.

Atkinson & Kirby

A leader in wood flooring, Atkinson & Kirby offers a variety of oak. The choice available in terms of floor patterns, surface finishes, wood grades, edges, board width and thickness, is extensive. You can also find some traditional and intriguing patterns such as the parquet design in the collection.

Surface treatments add to the richness of the oak texture, revealing beautiful details. They also give the floors exceptional wear resistance. 

These floors support 2G, 5G or a tongue & groove installation. The2g and 5g installation methods feature a mechanical locking system that makes the process simple, quick and easy. The planks just need to be clicked into place – no glue or nails required.


Basix offers a variety of oak floors in different shades, patterns and finishes. Each surface treatment makes the floors resistant to everyday wear and tear, scratches, spills and stains. These floors use a unique click system, which makes installation quick and easy. 

Lifestyle Floors

Widely known for its economical flooring, Lifestyle Floors’ collection has been designed for the budget conscious buyer. The collection presents a wide range of shades and patterns of oak. You can choose from UV Oiled, Brushed & UV-Oiled, and Lacquered finishes.

These floors support the traditional tongue & groove installation, which is known to offer excellent stability and joint strength to the floor. 


Tuscan offers a stunning collection in oak, featuring multiple surface finishes and shades. You can choose from wide-planked or age-distressed floors from select ranges. The famous Herringbone pattern in the beautiful oak background is also available. 


Staki offers 2-layered oak floors made from select raw materials. The floors are available in three grades – Natur, Rustic A/B and Antiek. You can choose a grade depending on the type of texture you desire. Natur, for example, features floors with knots, rare micro-cracks, white spots and natural colour variations, which offers a brilliant surface texture to the floors.


The Holt collection features genuine European oak. Each floor is brilliant in looks and performance and features a 2-layer design. They feature an impressively thick wear layer, which makes these floors ideal for areas that see heavy traffic. The use of bevel and micro-bevel design elements adds to the authenticity of the wood texture.


York offers 2-layered engineered constructed planks with the top layer featuring oakwood. The core layer features multiple layers of plywood that are fused together. These floors feature a thick wear layer, which means they can be re-sanded multiple times during their lifetime. So, you can update your floor more than once!


Nordic design is a highlight of Boen floors. The collection is one of the largest in terms of the choice it presents. There are multiple grading options, shades, finishes, patterns and board sizes to choose from. What’s more, these floors can be re-sanded multiple times.


Hadlow wood floors are made of high-quality European oak. They are available in different wood grades. These floors feature a generous wear layer, which makes them extremely durable and open to re-sanding. Expert surface finishes protect the surface from wear and tear and protect their brilliant appearance.


Parador is known for its intelligent engineered solutions. Its collection of wooden floors is no exception. These floors are available in a range of wood species, surface finishes and plank formats. Planks feature a 3-layer construction made of only select materials. The top layer is made of solid wood.

Installation is pretty easy, thanks to the unique click mechanisms employed for the process. You won’t need any special tools or technical expertise to install these floors. Parador floors are also low on allergens and emissions, which contributes to healthier indoors.