Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood is a durable and cheap alternative flooring to hardwood. It combines the traditional elegance of solid wood with innovative manufacturing techniques to create a highly versatile and practical floor.
Made with the top layer featuring real wood and the core layer made with plywood allowing the planks to contract and expand with the changing moisture and temperature levels in your room without affecting the floor. This makes it compatible with underfloor heating.

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  1. Staki Oak Brushed & 3408 White Oil ✔ Range: Staki Engineered Wood ✔ Wood Species: Oak
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  2. Staki Oak Walnut 3481 ✔ Range: Staki Engineered Wood ✔ Wood Species: Oak
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  3. Staki Oak Tobacco ✔ Range: Staki Engineered Wood ✔ Wood Species: Oak ✔ Thickness: 9.1mm ✔ Wear Layer: 0.20mm
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  4. Staki Oak Smoked & 3305 Oiled ✔ Range: Staki Engineered Wood ✔ Wood Species: Oak
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  5. Staki Oak Natural 3305 ✔ Range: Staki Engineered Wood ✔ Wood Species: Oak
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  6. Staki Oak Ebony 3490 ✔ Range: Staki Engineered Wood ✔ Wood Species: Oak
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  7. Tuscan Vintage Ravine Aged Oak Wax Oiled Flooring TF210 ✔ Pack Size (in m2): 2.88 ✔ Wood Range: Tuscan Vintage Ravine ✔ Construction: Engineered 3-Ply ✔ Wood Species: Oak ✔ Thickness: 15mm ✔ Plank Length: 1900mm ✔ Wear Layer: 0.20mm
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Why Choose Engineered?

Solid wood is usually not recommended for moisture-prone areas such as conservatories, kitchens, basements or any space that experiences high amounts of humidity and temperature changes.
Engineered offers an excellent alternative to solid real wood for these areas as it overcomes these problems. The plywood core makes the planks highly stable and offers a lot of flexibility too. What’s more, after installation, it looks just like authenic full hardwood offering you the same class and elegance with far more stability and at lower prices.

Whether you are looking to install walnut, maple or engineered oak, the floors are available in a variety of shades, textures and finishes.

Cheap Engineered Wood

We offer a range of cheap engineered wood flooring in our clearance sale that gives you the best of both worlds – the charm of solid wood and the practical features of modern manufacturing techniques without breaking the bank. When you are looking for a floor that looks like solid wood but performs far better, look no further.

Walnut Flooring

Engineered Walnut, with its beautiful grain and shade, is stunning and extremely attractive. The colours range from pale brown to dark chocolate to dark brown and walnut flooring is extremely stable and easy to install.

Oak Flooring

Engineered oak is a popular option for its traditional, timeless appeal. The signature close grain structure of oak breathes a life of its own making it a classic choice. Engineered oak floors are 20% cheaper than solid oak. Once your floor is installed, you won’t be able to tell it apart from solid wood.

Maple Wood

Engineered maple flooring is one of the toughest species. It’s a popular alternative to solid maple wood given its affordability and durability. The light shade of maple is ideal for dark rooms that don’t see much sunlight.


Beech is another popular choice for its durability and light shade. When you are looking for a floor that will stand the test of time in all conditions, look no further than beech wood.


Cherry flooring offer deep textures and high contrast. Solid cherry is popular for its intricate grains, colour variations and contrasting knots. Although solid cherry is an excellent option, engineered cherry is becoming hugely popular. It offers the same looks as solid acacia flooring but at a remarkably lower price. The robust multi-layer construction ensures you have a stable and extremely floor. With close to a 1000 species of Acacia, you will be spoilt or choice.


Before you fit your engineered planks, be sure to allow 3 to 4 days for the floor to acclimatise. It is important to prepare the subfloor and ensure that the subfloor is completely flat without any undulations. This will make installation a breeze while improving the life of your floor.

Installation is easy thanks to the technologically advanced methods. There are different fitting methods available however the most popular are the click-lock or tongue and groove methods. There is the traditional method available as well that include gluing directly to the subfloor or floating over underlay.

For more information about installation, visit our page about installation methods.

The Widest Range of Finishes

Just like solid, engineered floor are available in a variety of finishes. Although oil and lacquer are the two most popular finishes, we stock a variety of other finishes to suit your taste and style. Some of the options include white-washed, distressed board, hand scraped, smoked, unfinished and cheap engineered European wood flooring.

For more tips and please visit our blog.