Tuscan Vintage Ravine Flooring

The Tuscan Vintage Ravine collection of engineered hardwood flooring has been specially crafted to create striking floors with a raw vintage appeal. These floors add a deep character and dramatic appearance to any space with their unusual textures and shades. With excellent resemblance to solid wood floors at half the price, these floors are worth every penny you invest in them.

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Tuscan Vintage Ravine Details

The top surface of Tuscan Vintage Ravine flooring is solid oak and features large knots, prominent grains and splits as is found in vintage solid wood oak floors.

The range offers four exclusive planks in hues ranging from dark antique to smoked grey, rustic tones to warm browns. The surface is further embellished with treatments such as wax oil or UV lacquer.

The planks also feature bevelled edges on all four sides to further accentuate the likeness to hardwood floors.

The floors can be re-sanded many times if need be. However, given the excellent quality of these floors, you won’t have to consider re-sanding these floors for at least a decade.

The 3-ply construction system makes these planks extremely robust and durable. The core is made by fusing three layers of best quality plywood that are joined together to give you a floor that is extremely strong and stable underfoot.

These Tuscan engineered wood floors are highly resilient to changes in humidity and temperature. As compared to solid hardwood, these floors won’t swell, bulge or dent even under hot and humid conditions. You can safely install them in any living space including conservatories.

Further, these floors are perfectly compatible with underfloor heating systems.

Tuscan Vintage Ravine floors are easy to maintain and simple to install. The planks are joined through the click-lock mechanism and just tapped into place. The entire process is glue-less, simple and fuss-free.

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