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Linton Opulence Engineered Wood

Linton Opulence Flooring

The Linton Opulence range of engineered oak wood flooring is your perfect choice when you want to add glamour and sophistication to your space. The entire collection has been specifically designed to lend a look of vintage classiness to your interiors.

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Linton Opulence Oak Details

The planks in this collection are available in a variety of shades, specifications and surface finish. You can pick just the right floor to match with your decor when you want to create beautiful interiors.

Revamping the top layer is possible but usually not required if the floors are well maintained. In fact, you can enjoy these fantastic floors for decades without requiring repair or replacement.

This exclusive range of engineered hardwood floors from Linton Opulence has been crafted to withstand excessive variations in temperature and humidity. You can install these floors with confidence in any space – even your beloved greenhouses – without worrying about any change in shape.

Linton Opulence floors can be installed real fast by either gluing the planks together or joining them side to side. The process is quick, easy, simple and fuss-free.

Moreover, the right installation technique makes these brilliantly designed engineered hardwood floors extremely sturdy. You can safely install these planks in rooms that have underfloor heating systems.

The Linton Opulence collection is created in mixed grade. This means that the floors flaunt the natural look of hardwood floorings with knots at several places.

The engineered oak floors are fitted using the floating floor installation method, which adds a sub-layer beneath the actual floor. This makes the entire floor more stable and extra thick. This extra thickness fortifies your floors further against dampness and keeps them looking glamorous and shining new.

Furthermore, the entire range of engineered wood floors provides great insulation against sound and temperature variations. With the Linton Opulence floors, you can enjoy more silence. What’s more, your floors too retain their original shape for decades.