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Linton Elegant Engineered Wood

Linton Elegant Oak Wood Flooring

The Linton Elegant collection of engineered hardwood floors makes any room look sophisticated and elegant. The entire range has been designed to create rooms that exude style and high-class living.

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Linton Elegant Details

Linton Elegant engineered oak planks are available in a wide range of colours from pale to bold. Each category has its distinct surface finish that further adds character and appeal to your interiors. And as is commonly found in natural wood floors, the planks flaunt blemishes and knots all over with different grain patterns and texture.

You can refinish and sand down the top layer but this is usually not required within the first 10 to 15 years under normal circumstances.

In fact, Linton Elegant confidently offers a 25-year warranty on the entire range of its natural looking engineered hardwood planks.

The Linton Elegant range of floorings is highly resistant to changes in humidity and temperature irrespective of the season. This makes it possible for you to lay these beautiful floors in any room – including conservatories. In fact, you can upgrade the looks of your entire house with these dazzlingly beautiful and highly functional floors.

The Linton Elegant engineered hardwood floors are installed using simple techniques. You can either glue them together or just attach the planks to each other and your beautiful hardwood engineered floor is ready!

Appropriate installations systems are followed to make your floors extra tough and stable. This makes it perfectly safe to lay these floors in rooms with underfloor heating systems.

The engineered wood floors are installed through the floating floor installation process. This means an underlay is installed beneath the top floor to add to its total thickness. The process is especially effective in enhancing the durability and sturdiness of your floors.

Moreover, the thick floor provides excellent sound insulation thereby lowering the noise level in your home. These engineered hardwood floors also provide good insulation against temperature variations throughout the year.