Engineered Wood Flooring

At Lifestyle Flooring UK, we stock quality and affordable engineered wood floors in many styles and sizes to suit all requirements and budgets. What separates these floors from solid wood, is its unique construction using innovative techniques, these remarkable floors are made up of several layers which makes them highly durable.

The base layer consists of either multi-ply or 3-ply block construction. The multi-ply varieties are the most popular, consisting of an extremely stable core made from several layers of plywood. The floors can be constructed with anything from 3-12 layers, bonded together with a strong adhesive at a 90 Degree angle for extraordinary stability. This base layer is fitted with a top layer, consisting of real wood. A wear layer is also incorporated into it, measuring anything over 2mm.

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  1. Hadlow Edinburgh European Engineered Prime Oak

    ✔ Pack Size (in m2): 1 ✔ Wood Range: Hadlow Wood ✔ Construction: Engineered 3-Ply ✔ Wood Species: Oak ✔ Thickness: 20mm ✔ Plank Length: 500mm – 2700mm ✔ Plank Width: 180mm, 220mm, 260mm ✔ Wear Layer: 5.5mm
    Was £82.85
    Now Only £77.85
  2. Hadlow Edinburgh European Engineered Prime Oak 2 Bevel

    ✔ Pack Size (in m2): 1 ✔ Wood Range: Hadlow Wood ✔ Wood Species: Oak ✔ Thickness: 20mm ✔ Plank Length: 600-3000mm Random lengths ✔ Plank Width: 180mm, 220mm, 260mm ✔ Wear Layer: 5.5mm
    Was £82.85
    Now Only £77.85
  3. Hadlow Glasgow European Engineered Rustic Oak

    ✔ Pack Size (in m2): 1 ✔ Wood Range: Hadlow Wood ✔ Construction: Engineered 3-Ply ✔ Wood Species: Oak ✔ Thickness: 20mm ✔ Plank Length: 500mm – 2700mm ✔ Plank Width: 180mm, 220mm, 260mm ✔ Wear Layer: 5.5mm
    Was £63.21
    Now Only £58.21
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Further Details

The stability of these floors is one of their major benefits. The unique layered construction gives the floors enhanced dimensional stability. In simple terms, this means the floors won’t expand or contract as much as solid wood varieties. The low cost of engineered wood flooring is another more appealing factor compared to real wood, making it ideal for budget-conscious homeowners.

Sustainability has become an important factor for those seeking a wooden floor. With solid wood flooring, a lot of wood is required to construct the planks. As engineered floors only have a real wood surface, fewer trees are required to be cut.

Their resistance to wear and tear is remarkable, designed to withstand high levels of daily wear and tear. This gives them the benefit of extra-long warranties for peace of mind and incredible value for money.

You don’t need to be a DIY pro to install engineered wood floors. Unlike solid wood, the planks tend to come with a click system, easily slotting them into place. Some do feature a tongue and groove system which can be a little trickier to install, but most find they can still do it themselves.

Finally, given that these floors don’t contract or expand as much as solid wood, they can often be installed with underfloor heating. You will need to check the specific model you’re interested in, as not all engineered flooring is suitable for use with a heating system.

Check Out Our Collections

There is a huge variety of designs to choose from, many of which are produced by some of the biggest names in the flooring industry. Lifestyle Flooring UK is proud to supply the very best engineered wood floor collections, with exceptionally cheap prices. Just some of the exclusive collections in our catalogue include:

Linton – The Linton collection boasts some of the most beautiful and long-lasting floors on the market. Suitable for both domestic and commercial use, the numerous ranges offered by the brand include the Linton Brilliance and Linton Prestige collections.

Tuscan – Warm, elegant and stylish, the floors offered in the Tuscan collection are exceptional. Available in a wide range of designs, there is something to suit all preferences. Producing a realistic hardwood effect at a fraction of the cost, these floors are easy to install and maintain.

Kahr’s – With a history of over 160 years, the Kahr’s collection is sure to impress. These eco-friendly floors are designed with both function and style in mind. They come with a unique patented WoodLoc system, making the installation process quick and simple.

Hadlow – Hadlow supplies some of the best quality floors. Featuring an easy click system for fast installation, these floors are built with heavy wear and tear in mind. Available in a multitude of design options, there’s something to suit every home or business environment.

Parador – The Parador collection boasts an exemplary range of designs. Built with performance in mind,there is something to match all budgets.

These are just some of the exceptional brands we have to offer at Lifestyle Flooring UK. Whichever one you opt for, you can be sure you’re investing in a top-quality flooring solution.