Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood floors feature a layer of real wood on the top surface. The core layer (also known as the base layer) is usually manufactured using plywood but could also feature finger jointed wood and HDF among others. Engineered planks are very popular given that they are much more versatile and stable compared to solid hardwood flooring.

The core layer offers additional stability as it does not contract or expand as easily as solid wood when there’s a change in temperature or humidity. The real wood layer on the top is fused to the core layer, which also reduces the movement in the planks. Engineered flooring is compatible with underfloor heating and are usually installed as a floating floor with a layer of underlay.

We offer the widest range of cheap engineered wood in different species such as oak, walnut wood or maple wood. All our flooring is in stock ready to order.

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