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Heckmondwike Broadrib

The Heckmondwike Broadrib range consists of wide-ribbed carpet tiles in exciting colours. The attractive rib design lends a beautiful contrast to the overall texture of the tiles. Traditional or contemporary, the Broadrib range is a perfect choice for all styles of decor.

These British-made carpet tiles are a perfect match for the local conditions as well as your lifestyle needs.

These tiles are sturdy and practical and they do not unravel or fray even after years of use. They are capable of handling heavy foot traffic and pet paws.

The best part is that they are extremely efficient at retaining heat, which means you’ll have a warm and a pleasant floor underfoot at all times.

These tiles are antistatic – you can walk on them with utmost convenience and without the fear of random static shocks catching you unawares.

The Heckmondwike Broadrib range of carpet tiles is slip- and noise-resistant. Their ribbed structure enhances the slip resistance even further, which makes them a perfect choice for homes with kids and the elderly.

The Broadrib range is a perfect solution for modern workplaces given its ability to reduce noise, prevent slip-and-fall accidents, and ensure comfort and safety. In fact, these tiles continue to be a popular selection for retail outlets, government buildings and educational institutions.

The Broadrib range is very easy to clean and maintain too. Simply vacuum the floor to remove dust and dirt. Cleaning spills and stains is as easy too. Simply lift the stained tile, wash it and dry it, and replace!

When it’s time to repair the carpet, simply remove the damaged tiles and place new tiles. This way, you won’t have to spend on replacing the entire cart.

The Broadrib range of carpet tiles is easy to install. The tiles can be lifted and moved easily, and can be installed on any subfloor. Installation is therefore, easy, quick and cost-effective.

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