Laminate Floors for Your Bedroom

Laminate Floors for Your Bedroom

Laminate floors are a highly practical and affordable flooring option. They are popularly used in a wide range of spaces. It’s an excellent option for your bedroom too when you want to achieve the look and feel of expensive floors like hardwood, ceramic or natural stone at a tenth of the cost. Many top manufacturers make laminate flooring at a very good quality such as Quick-Step, Lifestyle-Floors, Balterio and Kaindl.

Laminate Flooring Ideas for Your Bedroom

The bedroom is the most special part of your home. Consequently, the design elements of your bedroom are highly important. Laminate is a man-made material, and is essentially printed to replicate a wide range of expensive floors.

With low quality laminate floors, the replication is not as perfect. However, high end laminate floors offer unbelievable results. So much so that you won’t be able to distinguish between a laminate floor and the real material that it is replicating.

A great advantage of laminates is that there are no restrictions as to what design or pattern can be printed. For instance, if there is a variety of marble that comes only from Italy, you can have a laminate floor that replicates the pattern for a fraction of the cost. This holds true even for exotic varieties of hardwood floors, which may cost dozens of quids per square metre.

Another thing to note about laminate floors is their perfection. With stone and wood, you may have to make do with natural irregularities. Laminates, on the other hand, are manufactured using machines. Every single piece is printed to perfection and produced to specific measurements. This gives your room a touch of perfection and also ensures that installation, maintenance and repairs are easy.

Cleaning Your Bedroom Laminate Floor

The best part about laminate floors is that they are super easy to clean and maintain. These floors are resistant to dust. Regular upkeep involves a simple routine of keeping the surface free from debris, which can be achieved with a regular sweep or vacuum. When you remove small dust particles, you ensure that the wear layer that safeguards the surface stays robust at all times.

In extreme situations, you might use a mild detergent to damp mop the floor. However, be sure to avoid immersing laminates in liquids. When you decide to mop your floor, be sure to run a dry cloth to remove any excess splashes and drips.

In due course of time, dents and scratches may appear on your laminate floor. In certain situations, you can repair them using a laminate putty repair kit. Alternatively, you can remove individual tiles or planks and replace them with new pieces. When buying your new laminate floor, be sure to stock up extra planks or tiles, which can come really handy in the future.

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