How to Install Quick-Step Livyn Vinyl Flooring

How to Install Quick-Step Livyn Vinyl Flooring

Quick-Step Livyn Floating Floor Installation
Quick-step Livyn glue down installation

Quick-Step Livyn vinyl floors are known for their brilliant reproduction of wood and stone in looks and feel. Thanks to a protective top coating, these floors are scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, and water-resistant.

Livyn floors are extremely soft and comfortable underfoot, and can handle heavy traffic and the impact of hard knocks and jumping kids and pets. These floors are also very easy to maintain.

Quick-Step vinyl floors are very easy to install, supporting both floating and glue-down installation methods. It is important to identify the type of installation that is right for your requirements.

For example, if your room will see light to moderate foot traffic, a floating installation is ideal. Similarly, if you are looking for a very quiet floor, then a glue-down installation might be the right choice.

Here are the basic requirements for each installation method.

Floating Installation

If you choose the floating method of installation, you’ll need an underlay for the floor. An underlay enhances the fit, quality and the comfort of the floor. Quick-Step offers underlays for the purpose, which can be purchased from our accessories section.

Once the underlay is in place, you are all set for installation.

Quick-Step’s patented Uniclic Multifit installation makes the process unbelievably easy! This method uses a strong tongue and groove mechanism for fitting the planks.

A simple click brings the planks together efficiently. No glue is needed!

The Multifit system makes installation quick, easy, and cost-efficient. The absence of open joints means that dirt will not settle between the blocks. This makes maintenance a breeze.

Glue Down Installation

This installation method requires the use of an adhesive. We highly recommend using Quick-Step adhesives that we have lited on our accessories section. The adhesive is applied directly on the subfloor.

It is important to keep the subfloor dry, clean and free of mould growth and insect infestations. The subfloor must be flat and level, and any loose parts must be nailed down.

The glue-down method makes the floor extremely stable. When installed this way, the floor becomes better at withstanding impacts. This method also prevents hollow sounds from the floor.

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No matter the type of installation you choose, Quick-Step Livyn floors are sure to transform your space. Lifestyle Flooring UK offers Quick-Step vinyl floors at the lowest prices. That’s our guarantee.

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