Flooring Trends 2018 - Our Predictions

Flooring Trends 2018 - Our Predictions

When it comes to flooring, customers are increasingly showing interest in low-cost value-rich products capable of giving them excellent performance, not just in the present, but for several years into the future as well.

As a result, 2018 is expected to see a rise in floorings that are extremely affordable, high-performing and durable.

As a flooring company with 35+ years of experience in the industry, Lifestyle Flooring UK has kept up to changing trends successfully with its realistic predictions. A highly trusted supplier of high-quality floors for homes and businesses throughout the UK, we make the following flooring predictions for 2018

Demand for Vinyl Floors will Continue to Grow

Vinyl floors will continue to be a top favourite. One look at the extensive benefits and vinyl becomes an obvious choice.

Vinyl floors are available in an extensive array of designs and colours. They are easy to maintain and offer excellent comfort. What's more, they are stain resistant.

The luxury vinyl segment in this product line will continue to be equally popular. With these floors, the richness of real and exotic wood and stone flooring is within easy reach of customers. These floors duplicate the touch and feel of the real thing (wood and stone) without the stress of maintenance.

Green Floors to See Greater Demand

With consumers becoming more conscious about the planet and about contributing towards its well-being, the demand for green floors is set to increase further.

Flooring manufacturers are keeping pace with this change in consumer behaviour by including green elements in their flooring products.

From using recyclable materials to employing advanced manufacturing processes that result in green floors, and emphasising globally-recognised environmental flooring standards, manufacturers and suppliers are taking different responsible steps to ensure customer satisfaction.

There is, for example, the engineered wood flooring range from Quick-Step, which carries FloorScore certification for adherence to eco standards. These floors do not emit toxic chemicals such as VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) into the environment, which keeps indoor air healthy.

Growing Shift towards Wider Planks

Good news for solid wood connoisseurs! Solid wood floors are here to stay. But, wider planks are set to be in demand. These planks render the room a spacious look and are suitable for different style effects that you may intend for your space, including traditional, modern, rustic, and Mediterranean.

Increasing Popularity of Grey Floors

At Lifestyle Flooring UK, we have witnessed a steady rise in the use of grey floors in residential spaces. Grey is a fine choice even for commercial spaces if you are looking for a simple, neat and professional look. You can use the floor in combination with darker contrast shades such as yellow and green to add more style to your space.

Lifestyle Flooring UK has a wide range of products in solid and engineered wood flooring, and laminate and LVT, in a variety of colours, patterns, shades and effects. Explore and discover the ideal floor that matches your priorities, today!