Choosing the Best Luxury Vinyl Flooring for Your Kitchen

Choosing the Best Luxury Vinyl Flooring for Your Kitchen

Whether it is inviting the day with a sumptuous breakfast or closing it with a simple dinner, your kitchen is where you head to. It is no wonder then that your kitchen is where beautiful memories are spun.

Naturally, choosing the right flooring for your kitchen is of great importance. From handling splashes, spills and the impact of falling objects to keeping up with heavy footfalls, a kitchen has much to manage.

Why is Vinyl Preferred for Kitchens?

For many reasons!

Firstly, high-quality vinyl flooring is highly durable. You can use the floor for many years in your kitchen.

Secondly, vinyl floors that come with superior design and features do not compromise on looks. So, you can have a floor that looks stunning and works super-efficiently too.

Whether you want the natural look and warmth of real wood or the elegant and stylish appearance of natural stone, vinyl has the exact flooring to meet and exceed your expectations!

High-quality vinyl floors are built to take the sharp ends of knives and glass splinters as well as the spills and splashes with ease and efficiency. You don’t have to cook worrying every second about what a spill or fall could do to your floor.

So, what should you be looking for in your kitchen vinyl floor for best results?

Luxury Vinyl Tile Waterproofing Ability

Vinyl floors manufactured using high-end flooring technologies come with a waterproof vinyl core layer and a moisture-resistant vinyl backing layer, which protect the floor against damage by wetness.

Problems such as cupping and warping common to standard vinyl wood-style flooring are minimised with a superior design so that you have a stable floor under you at all times.

In case of vinyl tiles, the seams could be a gateway to moisture, letting dampness to seep in. But, high-standard vinyl floors come with a protective moisture-resistant seal to overcome the drawback.

Long-Term Maintenance

You cannot spend half the day cooking and the other half cleaning the mess around the kitchen. Vinyl gives you more time for your life by being maintenance-friendly.

Accumulation of dust and dirt can be dangerous for the standard vinyl floor as it can dull the looks of the floor and scratch its top wear layer, reducing its durability and efficiency to handle kitchen life.

With high-quality vinyl floors, you’ll have a protective layer, usually an ultra-effective PU coating, and a super-tough top layer, which, in combination, protect your floor from daily scratches, stains and dirt.

Go for vinyl floors that reduce your maintenance load considerably. Choose floors that come equipped with special treatments that make them ideal for kitchens.

Comfort of Vinyl Flooring Tiles

Choose vinyl floors that guarantee comfort underfoot for long periods of time. While standard vinyl floors may offer such comfort, a high-quality floor uses special design techniques such as a strong impact-absorbing vinyl core layer that offers super-comfort.

Highly realistic designs, mimicking real wood and stone, replicate the soft feel and touch of the natural material, making standing and walking a pleasure!

This realism is the result of a décor layer that uses advanced printing technology for realistic looks. A series of high-performance layers results in the soft and comfortable feel of the floor.


Superior quality vinyl floors with super performance features such as water resistance, scratch and stain proof, fade proof and low maintenance, often come with a manufacturer's warranty of 20 to 25 years.

Though expensive, such floors give you no cause for complaints and offer complete peace of mind, once installed.

With proper floor selection, you’ll have a floor that you can enjoy for years in your kitchen. Be willing to spend the time and effort to get the best value for your money and a beautiful long-lasting kitchen vinyl floor.