Choosing a Laminate Flooring Colour for Your Kitchen

Choosing a Laminate Flooring Colour for Your Kitchen

Choosing the right flooring colour for your kitchen can seem quite impossible given the range of possibilities. It is perfectly alright if you feel overwhelmed with the process. A few handy tips can make this process easier and less intimidating for you.

Understand the Lighting Effects in your Kitchen

Is your kitchen dark or filled with light? How much sunshine enters your kitchen? How different does the room look as the day progresses and different shades of sunlight enter the kitchen? How does the kitchen look at nights, in artificial lights?

A thorough study of your kitchen lighting is important to choose the right colour. Lighting, especially if your kitchen is receiving direct sunlight, changes to different shades from morning through sunset.

Ensure that you test floor samples in these different shades of light to understand different variations, and choose a colour accordingly.

We offer a free sampling service to help you make the right choice from the comfort of your home. Simply add your chosen laminate floors to the samples cart and we will ship it to you free of charge.

Pay Attention to Other Elements in the Kitchen

The right floor colour is one that goes well with the other elements in the kitchen, such as cabinetry and furniture. If the cabinetry is, for example, of a darker colour, then choosing an equally dark-coloured floor will make the kitchen look darker.

A totally lighter colour will, in fact, create an opposite effect, which can make the kitchen look odd and unpleasant.

Go for a colour that sits in the middle, say a combination of light shade with a distressed wood pattern, to ensure your floor stands out without driving other elements into the background.

Bring Room Size into the Equation

A larger kitchen will look smaller with a floor of a darker shade. A smaller kitchen will look spacious with lighter floor shades like lighter oak and beige. If you have a tiny kitchen with furniture, you could use laminates of a lighter shade to prevent the room from looking cramped and crowded.

Determine the Effect You Want to Create

Lighter shades give a calm and cool effect to the kitchen depending on the colour of the wall, furniture, cabinetry and other elements in the kitchen. If your kitchen already has a mix of colours, a lighter floor can be wonderful because lighter shades mingle well with different colour combinations.

If you aim to highlight or create an impressive contrast, a darker shade is the best. But, use darker colours in moderation as too much darkness will reduce the light in the kitchen thereby generating an unpleasant vibe.

Consider Room Traffic

If your floor is going to witness heavy foot-traffic, it would be better to go for a lighter shade of floor laminate. Footprints fade into the background with a lighter colour floor.

Traffic should not be a problem if you use a high-quality laminate floor that comes with a protective layer to safeguard floor colour from heavy and rough use.

The right coloured laminate floor keeps up the mood in this very important room where you share good food, spend quality time, and create memorable moments.

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