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Amtico Spacia Parquet Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Amtico Spacia Parquet Luxury Vinyl Tiles

The parquet style comprises a series of geometric patterns such as squares and triangles creatively interwoven in various splendid shades. Combine Amtico's high-end floor design with stunning looks, and you get floors that are timeless in appeal, stylish in design and highly practical for day-to-day use.

Each floor in the Amtico Spacia Parquet combines the parquet effect with the stunning look and feel of solid wood. These floors replicate the real thing in every way including woods of regular and exotic species.

You can discover a range of wood effects in this collection from Traditional Oak to Coastal Pine and Black Walnut varieties.

The wood effects are highly realistic and bring that touch of warmth and authenticity that's unique to natural wood floors. There is, for example, the Black Walnut, which creates a dramatic effect. If you are looking for softer and lighter tones, go for the White Ash. If you love Oak and real wood details, there is the fine and elegant Featured Oak.

A range of other dark, medium, and light-toned shades are available, each designed to deliver the mood you desire!

Amtico Spacia Parquet is a best-seller not without reason. The exceptional good looks of the flooring are matched by the practical utility of the floors. Each floor comes with a 1mm wear layer. This is the layer that imparts this range its durability and features such as scratch and stain resistance. The wear layer is also responsible for the floor's stunning looks.

The thicker the wear layer, the greater the benefits for you. With a 1mm wear layer, the benefits of Amtico Spacia Parquet are immense. These floors are great for households that see heavy foot traffic.

The Amtico Spacia Parquet range is ideal for commercial spaces such as offices, retail houses, restaurants, and entertainment centres, which demand a strong, durable, low maintenance and easy-to-install floors. They can handle both light and heavy traffic in such settings.

Cleaning these floors is a breeze! Sweeping the floor once in a week keeps dry and loose dirt and grime away and occasional damp mopping will get rid of stubborn stains completely.

Each plank in this range measures 229mm x 76mm x 2.5mm.

The splendid visual appeal and high-performance features make the Amtico Spacia Parquet the companion that you would love to look at and enjoy every day. This collection is available to you at the lowest prices at Lifestyle Flooring.

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